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August 3, 2023

Spiritual Pet Protection: Shield Your Cat in Positive Energy

By Faith Davis

On Aug 8th, we celebrate a special day: International Cat Day Celebration. Although our furry friends deserve every minute of our time, and all the adoration we love to give them, this occasion serves as a reminder of the great value and importance of our pets.

This is a chance to give an ode to, and practice gratitude for, the companionship we have WITH our animal companion. More than anything, this is a perfect occasion to do what we can to help them grow and experience the world in a way that uplifts and shields them from harm.

One little thing we can do every day is to make them feel safe. Pet protection charms, techniques, symbols, and crystals are some of the things we can use to do that. 

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6 Spiritual Pet Protection Practices

Pets need much more than food and shelter. Being a source of unconditional love themselves, they deserve all our love, care, and protection. Thanks to spiritual symbols and tools, you can provide them with ultimate support, ensuring that nothing but harmony, joy, and peace enters their energy field.

Here are some ideas…

Adorn Your Pet in Spiritual Symbols

Spiritual tools and symbols impact everything we touch, and our furry friends are not an exception. Thanks to some of the most potent cleansing and protective crystals and ancient symbols, such as the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye, your pets can enjoy ultimate protection from the Divine and have their guides follow them with every step their paws take.

Our Pet Collection features these and other mighty protection symbols, including the infinity symbol and the OM symbol. Each resonates with powerful spiritual energy, helping to guide, offer peace, and shield our dearest animal friends from anything negative. 

Pet protection symbols are found on our pet tags, collars, and bandanas; they are designed to fit the greatness of your pet’s playful character.

Additionally, you can stay ever connected to your pet, no matter where you go, with our Men’s & Women’s Best Friend Pet Bundles. These bundles are designed to strengthen the bond with your furry companion and help them feel loved and cared for even when you aren’t around. 

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Give Your Pet Some Reiki

Pets aren’t immune to energy changes in the environment. On the contrary, they are immensely in sync with the world around them and pick up the tiniest energetic clues.

Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that provides solace, healing, and vibrational cleansing for people and animals alike. By intentionally sending positive, high-vibration, soothing energy to your pet, Reiki helps create a barrier, cleansing and warding off anything that tries to ruin their spirits.

Offering Reiki healing to your dearest animal friends helps release negative energy that is affecting them and clears their energy field from low vibrations.

You can find a licensed Reiki therapist who is experienced with animal healing. Reiki is a form of pet protection that can even be performed from distance or indirect contact with an animal.

Let Them Soak Up Crystal Healing Energy

National Pet Day is a perfect occasion to enhance the transmission of positive energy between our animal companions and the environment. Healing crystals have a positive impact on anything they touch, be it space, people, or pets. 

You can offer that healing energy to your pet by placing crystals in their water bowl or under their bed. Just be aware that not all crystals should be placed in water, so be sure to choose ones that are safe, such as Rose QuartzSmoky Quartz, or Clear Quartz. Also, make sure they aren’t small enough to be swallowed.

A great solution is to place one of our healing crystal collars on them! We offer them in AmethystRose Quartz, and Pearl.

You will feel secure in knowing that they are always shielded from ill will and are blessed with positivity during their everyday adventures and quests. 

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Call in Their Angels & Guides

There is nothing more nurturing than meditating and praying for the wellbeing of animals we care about the most. Even pets have guardian angels and guides; calling on them is one of the most powerful ways to ensure everlasting pet protection. 

To get in touch with their guides, you can do some of the following:

  • Ask for Divine protection of your pet while praying for or hugging them.
  • Write down a prayer for them and place it under a white candle or a crystal to amplify the power of your words.
  • Include them in your prayers each night.

Ask for Your Pet to be Shielded in White Light

The power of unconditional love is incredible. Let the love you have for your pet surround you as you think about the love you have for them. Meditate and envision a white light beam shining on them, forming a protective shield around your dearest furball.

Visualize a pet protection aura field forming and expanding around them. See it glowing and melting away negative energy.

Ask the Divine to keep them safe and protected from harm as you visualize. You can practice this when holding them in your arms, cuddling, playing, and even when you are far away. Rest assured, your love will be felt on the other end.

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Smudge Your House

Smoke has a potent cleansing effect. It eliminates heavier frequencies and replaces them with high frequencies that nourish and shield us from destructive influences. Using sage, incense, or palo santo to purify your living space promotes the release of residual, low vibrations and creates a serene, uplifting, and harmonious environment for our pets to relax and play.

Smudge your house to protect your beloved animal friends from harm and danger. This form of pet protection improves the flow of positivity through the space you share with them and keeps their sensitive energy shielded from negativity. 

Final Thoughts 

Pets are precious on many levels, and we owe them a safe environment where they can be at peace and feel safe and loved. Spiritual tools and rituals elevate not only the vibration of their surroundings, but they also provide profound protection for our dearest animal friends, shielding them from anything that threatens them.