August 7, 2023
The Lion's Gate & Twin Flame Journey Mirrors – Opens on August 8 (8-8)
By Michele Tell
August 8 (8-8)

On August 8, 2023 – The Lion’s Gate portal will activate.  (8:8:23) – It happens each year on 8/8 although, like many planetary retrogrades and energy releases, there is a pre-shadow and a post-shadow time-period where the energy surge is in the air before and after the actual date.  

So, starting now, you may begin to feel an energy rush and clairvoyant moments out of the blue. You might feel fits of rage and angst – it’s all about our bodies and DNA adjusting to a wealth of energy pouring down on us. 

In a quick written minute, the Lion’s gate is a moment in time where the spiritual world (5D) directly connects with the physical world (3D) opening an energy flow between the two that is magnetic, and bold, and at times, overwhelming. 

8-8 - in my opinion - is one of the most powerful days of the year for those that want to manifest or create change in their personal lives.

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Lion’s Gate dates back in time, way long ago.  It has to do with the star Sirius and its direct lineage to earth on that day.  Without getting all “quantum” on you, the star Sirius, is the first star in the Orion’s Belt triage, is the brightest star that we see in the sky on most nights.

On this day, it appears to be closer to Earth.  It is the Lion’s Gate because this moment occurs during the Zodiac house of Leo and the energy coming down is significantly about strength, rage, endurance and being bold.  It is said that the Great Pyramids of Giza played a key role to summon in this connection of Sirius and Mother Earth so, like all planetary energy moments, this is a phenomenon of global and Earthly magnitude. 

August 8 (8-8)

But what does that mean? Now, I get to go metaphysical on you.

The Lion’s Portal is a tough day for all of us on the “woke” path to enlightenment to light up.  This bright light will activate your DNA awakening. You can expect chills, lightheaded and dizzy feelings, momentary feelings of power and rage, and sometimes the opposite – a bout of depression and sadness that hits you in the middle of a sentence.  

You may say words and thoughts out loud when you think you are saying them in your head. It is a moment of elevation, leveling up; a day to recognize just how far you have come along this journey. It's also a time to reflect on that notion; that you have come thus far.   

Visions will become more frequent and more vivid, and intuition will be magnetized.  You will experience Déjà vu and past life moments, and you will feel at times like you are floating and not walking.  It’s a moment that the spiritual cosmos connects divinely with your human body, your bricks and mortar being.

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And, you will feel it- throughout the day. And did I mention voices in your head?  Yes, some ancestors and spirit guides usually use this gateway to communicate with you on a stronger platform so you might hear familiar voices speaking to you… 

So, if we have dreams of strange places, or visions of places we can’t recall but know - and random de ja Vu – that’s because when this happens it twists us into a spiritual “activation” – reliving memories of our deep-rooted past lives being somewhat unlocked and resurrected by our DNA.  It’s trying to give us a message, some insight –  a sign of where we may have been before… in hopes that insight might be able to help with today’s issues. 

It's a special day that allows each of us the opportunity to power through and move forward with vigor; in other words, if  we want it – it can be ours.  Our DNA is activated today, and the energy we emit helps rise our vibration to a higher level, providing us a sense of joy that we feel from the inside.  (That X-Factor that gives us the hidden push that makes you at your utmost confidence.) 

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I believe a better word for the feeling and energy surrounding this is Conviction.  There will be no second-guessing of our thoughts and decisions; no wavering and no fear of caring about what others’ might think. 

Today is a day to break some heavy patterns for those that have the courage to dig deep within their childhood programing and perils - go inside, deep inside - and truly want to initiate change. It’s what we call “doing the work” in the progressive moment, living a life of gratitude.  

Change happens when each of us makes that final decision to create change and once we take that step forward the hidden momentum within your conviction takes over to make it so.

For those on the Twin Flame journey, the Lion’s gate acts as a mirror –a double 8-8 mirrored infinity signs. Some say, this is the day that twin flames connect both emotionally and physically, come back into union or meet for the very first time. The energy is raw for the Union of a twin flame experience to appear, at least the energy begins….

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Sometimes the energetic pull starts today, and Union happens at the end of the year.   Or, if you have not yet met your physical twin, you might hear his/her voice in a dream as the twin flame union gets a step closer. It is a time for the Twin Flame portal to open, allowing the twins to move freely towards each other for mutual elevation, awareness and connectivity. 

It’s one of those special days that cosmos touches down on earth, bonding lifetimes, soul mates, and igniting activation within yourself as you spiritually awake.  It’s a moment when the Earth touches the Sky. It’s a day of leveling up.  Get ready. 

August 8 (8-8)
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Michele D. Tell is an experienced clairvoyant and spiritual advocate and is licensed in Psychic and Metaphysical Arts in the State of Nevada. Michele is an intuitive tarot card reader, spiritual light worker and healer. She combines compassion with her deep studies of metaphysical arts to guide and deliver key, articulate messages through the medium of reading tarot cards. Michele reads energy and connects the dots of our magnetic energetic field (changes every minute) with divine messages that appear through her clairvoyant ability. She uses tarot cards as a medium to help guide her clients towards a fulfilling journey, overcoming obstacles and fears to live their ‘best life ever’ break free from internal trepidation. Michele’s tarot readings connect her clients to understanding their personal, highest self.