Invite Expansive Transformation with Lotus Flower Gifts

Lotus Flower Gifts

A sacred symbol of rebirth, the lotus flower is the physical embodiment of the beauty of transformation. This gorgeous flower grows in the deep depths of murky water, blossoming through the thick, dark mud.

Despite all the odds going against it, this inspiring flower not only blooms, but shocks onlookers with its striking beauty.

The lotus flower serves as a gentle reminder that regardless of your past or the experiences that shaped you, you are still capable of a life of beauty and joy. In fact, those hardships make you who you are - an exquisitely unique being with so much to share with the world. 

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Lotus jewelry makes for a wonderful gift for just about any occasion, and is perfect for any loved one in your life. A symbol of love, it can be given as a symbolic demonstration of affection.

However, jewelry designed with a lotus flower is also an ideal gift to give anyone who is going through a turbulent time of change or transition in their life. It will remind them to keep going, and keep pushing towards their goals - not letting the hardships or obstacles stand in their way. 

Interested in gifting lotus jewelry or lotus home goods to your loved ones? Read on to learn more about the lotus flower as a gift, and check out some of our favorite designs! 

Lotus Flower Gifts

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Lotus Gifts 

A lotus gift’s meaning is that of transformation, rebirth, purity and strength - making it the perfect gift to give the ones you love the most. Although we tend to avoid changes in life, the lotus flower encourages us to instead embrace the changes with gratitude.

The lotus reminds us that with each shift, we are getting closer to our highest potential, and the most beautiful expression of our soul. We all want what is best for the people we love, which is why the lotus is such a thoughtful and memorable gift to give them. 

The lotus is a great housewarming gift, as it serves as a way to embrace the change of a new home. It welcomes in a fresh start and a happy new beginning in the house - filling the space with warm and loving energy.

Lotus Flower Gifts

A lotus gift is always wonderful for a loved one who is starting a new job or life path. The lotus gift will encourage them to stay motivated and keep soaring towards their dreams, not letting any challenges or doubts hold them back. 

At Karma and Luck, we offer a variety of stunning lotus designs for men, women, and children, so that everybody can benefit from the loving energy of this sacred symbol.

A lotus given as a gift signifies that you care about the receiver’s growth, it shows them that you care for their well-being. It also shows that you recognize the struggles they may have faced or are facing, but that you have faith in their strength to overcome them. 

Lotus Flower Gifts

Here Are Two Great Lotus Gift Ideas For Women:

  • Brilliant Bloom - Lotus Diamond Gold Plated Ring

A stunning reminder of love, beauty, and transformation, this lotus flower ring shines in gold plated brass. This ring is conveniently adjustable, making it accessible for a variety of sizes. 

  • Pure Joy - Lotus Mandala Necklace

Light the way towards your highest truth with this lotus gift serving as your wise guardian and guide. As you begin to uncover the innate perfection lying within you, you discover true and boundless joy. 

Pure Joy - Lotus Mandala Necklace

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Lotus Gifts for Her

Just as the lotus flower has many petals, it also has many meanings. For different people and different cultures, the meaning will vary slightly. However, most will agree that a lotus gift symbolizes love, purity, beauty, rebirth, and transformation. 

If you have a special woman in your life, whether it is a best friend, mom, sister, wife, daughter, or anything else, then a lotus gift for her is the perfect way to show your gratitude and love.

The strong women in our lives are those who raise us and shape us, and they deserve these simple gifts of affection and care - demonstrating that all their work and hardship does not go unnoticed. 

Lotus Flower Gifts

Here Are Some Beautiful Lotus Flower Gifts For Her: 

  • Abundant Bloom - Gold Plated Lotus Tourmaline Ring

In the middle of this gorgeous gold plated lotus ring lies a deep pink tourmaline stone. Tourmaline encourages abundance to flow and, with the help of the lotus, reminds you to stay positive throughout the challenges or changes you may face. 

  • Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

This lotus gift for her is perfect for any woman that is moving through a time of deep transformation or expansion. She will be encouraged to keep her energy positive and bright, allowing the prosperity to flow right in. 

Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

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The Meaning of Lotus Gifts 

The lotus rises, despite all odds, from the depths of dark and muddy water. It then bursts into the sunshine in a stunning portrayal of beauty. We can look to the lotus as a wise and loving teacher, ever reminding us to stay strong in the face of troubles and challenges.

A lotus gift’s meaning is to show us that in our struggles is where our beauty lies. We can choose to let hardships keep us down, or we can choose to turn them into expansive lessons - growing and learning from each one. 

If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, or simply meeting many obstacles in life, then it is a great idea to gift a lotus, especially lotus jewelry.

Lotus Flower Gifts

And, if you are asking if you can gift yourself a lotus gift, then the answer is most definitely yes! If you feel that you are in need of this sacred reminder, then by all means show yourself some serious self-love and give yourself a piece of beautiful lotus jewelry.

As we move towards our goals and highest selves, it is so important to stay positive and stay strong, and an ancient symbol such as the lotus, is the perfect reminder of that notion. 

Although a lotus is most commonly given as a gift to someone who is going through challenges of transformation, it can also be given as a symbol of love.

Whether that love is romantic, friendly, or familial, does not matter to this determined and inspiring flower. Its pure beauty is a nod towards true and everlasting love. 

Lotus Flower Gifts

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Check Out These Beautiful Lotus Gift Ideas! 

  • Healing Fruition - Apatite Aquamarine Evil Eye Bracelet

In ocean hues, this dreamy bracelet features two powerful stones - apatite and aquamarine. Their sea-like vibe inspires us to dive into the deepest depths of the soul, floating upon the waves of infinite bliss. Paired with the lotus, this bracelet helps to uncover a higher purpose. 

  • Heavenly Purity - Gold Plated Lotus Charm Necklace

This gold-plated lotus necklace adds an elegant touch to any look, while also supplying the strength to flow with the changes. You are encouraged to take each obstacle as a lesson and a stepping stone towards spiritual bliss. 

Heavenly Purity - Gold Plated Lotus Charm Necklace

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Can You Give A Lotus As A Gift?

If you are still wondering, “can you give a lotus as a gift?”, then the answer is one hundred percent yes! The lotus is a universal symbol of love, purity, and beauty, making it an exceptional way to demonstrate your affection for anybody important to you.

A lotus given as a gift shows that you care about that person’s path in life, and care for their higher expansion. Whether you choose to give a singular lotus gift or a lotus gift box, this is a beautiful way to show support for your loved one’s goals and dreams. 

Lotus Flower Gifts

Check Out These Stunning Lotus Designs!

  • Spiritual Thoughts - Green & Orange Sapphire Lotus Bracelet

This sapphire lotus bracelet reminds the wearer that every answer they seek is already within them. It encourages them to find inner peace and joy by falling in love with themselves, rather than searching for it in other people and places. This bracelet would make a memorable lotus gift box when paired with a necklace or ring. 

  • Joyous Light - Lotus Green Enamel Diamond Peridot Ring

Symbolizing enlightenment, rebirth, and new beginnings, the lotus is the featured symbol on this dark green banded ring.

The sparkling diamond chips add an extra touch of style, and are sure to make the wearer smile each time they look down - reminding them of their own inner light just waiting to shine. 

Joyous Light - Lotus Green Enamel Diamond Peridot Ring

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  • Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

Peridot, aquamarine, and apatite surround this necklace in healing energy and loving vibrations. Working together with the lotus symbol, these green-toned stones light the path before you - guiding you towards your highest self. 

  • Glorious Bloom - Jade Lotus Charm Bracelet

Light green jade stones surround the wrist in this lotus charm bracelet. Positivity is promoted, allowing the frequency of manifestation to flow, and awarding you with prosperity and good luck. No matter what challenges you face, goodness is showered upon you. 

Glorious Bloom - Jade Lotus Charm Bracelet

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Lotus Jewelry Gifts 

No matter who you are shopping for, a lotus jewelry gift is the perfect choice. At Karma and Luck we have you covered with a wide variety of stunning styles and designs. Read on to discover our top picks for lotus bracelets, lotus necklaces, and lotus rings. 

  • Blessings & Beginnings - Pearl Lotus Bracelet

A highly imaginative and nurturing stone, pearls pair perfectly with the loving lotus. Wear this bracelet and tap into your intuition. Each day is met with new, fresh energy - allowing you to blossom into your full potential. This lotus bracelet gift’s meaning is that of recharging, refreshing, and transforming. 

  • Emotion Renewal - Rose Quartz Lotus Charm Bracelet

Light pink rose quartz stones are set against sparkling swarovski crystals in this gorgeous lotus bracelet. Rose quartz works with the heart chakra to open you up to the healing power of love. Compassion flows, letting you see the best in everyone you meet. 

Emotion Renewal - Rose Quartz Lotus Charm Bracelet

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Lotus Necklace Gifts 

  • Enlightenment Hope - Hematite Lotus Necklace

Dark hematite contrasts beautifully against gleaming gold in this enlightening lotus necklace. Discover your true path, and be guided to your highest potential. All of your dreams are within your grasp. 

  • Tranquil Reverie - Moonstone Lotus Triple Stack Necklace

Connect with the divine feminine and open up to your innate and powerful intuition. All of the answers lie within you, you just have to get quiet enough to listen. This triple stack necklace invites the supportive energy of the lotus to combine with the loving vibration of moonstone for an optimal experience. 

Tranquil Reverie - Moonstone Lotus Triple Stack Necklace

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Lotus Ring Gifts

  • Subtle Divinity - Rose Quartz Lotus Ring

Align yourself with the healing frequency of love with the gentle assistance of pink rose quartz. Combined with the transformative power of the lotus, this rose quartz ring reminds you to stay compassionate towards the emotions and well-being of both yourself and others. 

  • Blessed Balance - Gold Plated Amethyst Lotus Ring

Deep purple amethyst sits upon the throne of a golden lotus in this gorgeous ring. Amethyst calms the mind, heals the body, and relieves the wearer of stress, making your time of transformation more effective and comfortable. With its adjustable band, this ring is able to fit a variety of ring sizes. 

Blessed Balance - Gold Plated Amethyst Lotus Ring

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Shop Lotus Gifts with Karma and Luck

Gift yourself or a loved one with the healing power of transformation. Worn daily, lotus jewelry supports you through every change and transition. Although obstacles may present themselves, the lotus holds your hand through it all.

You are reminded that each challenge you face is purely a lesson and an opportunity for growth. Guiding you towards your dreams, the path is lit up before you.

The lotus inspires the wearer to meet their full potential and trust in the Universe’s higher plan for them. Give lotus jewelry as a gift and demonstrate just about much you care. 

Interested in purchasing lotus jewelry for yourself or a loved one? Visit our website and browse our full collection of unique lotus designs. 

 Lotus Flower Gifts

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