New Moon In Cancer: Be Brilliant, Brave & Bold!

It's time to open your heart and your eyes. One of the most potent new moons of 2021 is here and will affect all of us for the next 28 days. Mostly in a positive way. Following within two weeks is the Full Moon in Aquarius (new article will be up), and since every zodiac sign is ruled by moon energy, you may wish to pay close attention because this will be an excellent time for you to create change based on your sign. Now is the time to really pay attention and take advantage of these energetic moon cycles. Let's get started.

New Moon (the best time for new opportunities) in Cancer brings us some serious nurturing, compassion, and extra doses of love energy that will affect your home, office and personal space. Turning negatives into positives will be up to you because now is the time to dive into your subconscious through journaling and meditation, then shake things up and make things happen. The question is: How brave, brilliant and bold are you? This moon will help and guide you.

Your creativity will be at an all-time high, so make sure you tap into it and take advantage of this incredible time to elevate your vibrations, rid yourself of the things that are bugging you and take control of your conscious self.


Because this new moon falls during Mercury, the planet of communication, and will trine with Jupiter, bringing about bold thinking. A super-duper dose of brain function will have you craving stability in all areas of your life, especially relationships, since Venus will be square with Uranus, the planet of change. So think things through before making any sudden moves. Every zodiac sign will have an opportunity to take advantage of this gorgeous new moon and into the next 28 days and the future.

Since you may still be feeling the chaotic planetary retrogrades and eclipses we've just left behind, this new moon in Cancer is the perfect time to initiate some much-needed self-care, so you can move away from it and start with fresh ideas and feelings.

These next 28 days are the perfect time to realign your chakras and set your spirit soaring with thoughts of new beginnings and what that means to you. Here are some self-care ideas that may resonate with you.

  • Cleanse and detox your body: Take Epsom and lavender baths.
  • Find a comfortable space in your home, put on some soothing music and meditate.
  • Learn to chant. It resets the brain and helps the body relax.
  • Walk and sweat more. Move your body.
  • Journal your desires.
  • Redecorate and add blends of spiritual items in your home.
  • Read and/or listen to uplifting books.
  • Leave positive affirmations around your home.

Finally, you have a clean slate to work with, a beautiful unblemished, untarnished canvas. What does that look like for you? Better job? New relationships? More money? Let's set some intentions behind those wishes by writing them down. Then the magic unfolds because right now, the sun and stars are the brightest, leaving you with cozy and yummy sensations right down to your toes. All you have to do is tap into it and redefine your comfort zones.

How does New Moon in Cancer affect your Zodiac sign?


Hello Aries. This can be a lucky month with money; it's a good time to invest in your business and also an excellent time to buy assets like gold or silver.

You may take a few risks or be a little speculative. As a result, your income stream will fluctuate, and there can be much bigger profits in unexpected areas and perhaps lower profits in the areas that were traditionally great.

This month brings focus and the ability to do strategic planning Aries. It's more about the mental aspect of work than making stunning progress in real-time, so it's a time for research and thoughtful contemplation of options, including backup plans. Be prepared for anything and start analyzing the opportunities inherent in each outcome.


Hello Taurus. You are radiating an exciting sexual vibe, and you have vibrant, enthusiastic energy, which is very attractive. You are more outgoing, and even if usually introverted, you will feel confident. This is an excellent time for dinner parties and having friends over; this can be a good way to meet men, as you feel very comfortable when entertaining in your own home. Get your friends to bring along their single male friends to your parties. If you are still under covid restrictions, try doing more business-related zoom calls, as this also helps you shine during this time and attract male attention.

This month can be fortunate in terms of investment and money Taurus; you may be able to get a loan at a lower rate or consolidate to reduce costs.


Hello Gemini. Individuality and originality are connected to money-making. This is an excellent month for making money in fields like the arts, invention, influencer, or careers where your personality is central to your success. It's important to polish up your reputation, work on your image and improve presentation.

This is an idea-rich month, and it's terrific for planning as you are optimistic and bold Gemini. You also dare to say what others haven't the guts to say, and that helps move things forward, even if you do end up stepping on some toes.

It's essential to schedule well and keep a diary so that you focus your energy as it's easy to get carried away and waste too much time on something which is pretty much done.

If you are studying or re-skilling for a new career, it's time to double down, take on more challenging courses or put in more effort as you can stand out now and gain the necessary attention.


Hello Cancer. This is an inspired time regarding money-making, and there is a great desire to use new tools, technology, and ways of thinking to capture new markets. As a result, you may well be involved in selling cutting-edge and innovative products. In addition, you are in tune with social and cultural thought patterns, which can help you strike a chord and either make an impression or gain a following for your service, product, or blog.

You stand out from the crowd this month as you have many novel ideas and are also hard to influence Cancer. Some of your ideas may not fit in with the perceptions of others, but you can push these ideas forward more than you could have earlier in the year.

Your key relationships and those who can support you or be an ally in your aims this year are assessed. This is not a month when you have time for people who are not central to your primary focus,


Hello Leo. Forgiveness is vital – forgiveness does not let others off the hook; it allows you closure and the ability to move on or often renew something that was broken. For example, this month, you have the chance to revisit and restore old friendships that may have gone sour. In some cases, you can forgive and then forget the whole thing and move on, and in some cases, the relationship can have a second life, with possibly greater understanding and depth than it had before. With the time that has passed and the maturity you now have, events in the past make more sense and can be understood in hindsight and thus patched up and resolved.

You tend to be somewhat vague in relationships; Leo, say what you mean and mean what you say. Be direct, as misconceptions can harm communication. Your own inner conflicts and dissatisfaction can play out in love, even if you try to conceal what you are thinking.


Hello Virgo. Creative juices are sparked, and this month is excellent for any Virgo in entertainment, both at a production or participation level. There is a greater emphasis on 'the show,' so you have to be aware of your image, public perception, and presentation in all businesses.

Mars in your 12th house means you often have to approach things in a roundabout way; think of a zig-zag motion towards your goal Virgo. This may be necessary to avoid the competition knowing what you are doing or to test the water. Be subtle, not direct, and be careful in your choice of words. This is not a good time to arouse opposition, and you must act carefully to avoid treading on toes.

You do not have to spend much to have a great time and enjoy some romance; in fact, the oddest, quirkiest moments can end up being a lasting memory. It is a time to recapture the magic in all relationships and to experience it for the very first time, perhaps. Many Virgo, no matter what age, can feel truly in love for the very first time.


Hello Libra. True love can blossom for single Librans who are proactive in love – you are all set to meet a new partner and are up for blind dates, speed dating, or joining clubs to meet like-minded people.  Meeting people via mutual friends on Facebook may lead to love, or you may reconnect with an old school friend to find love.  Take things slowly, and do not be over-eager.

You can be very clever with money and other resources; you are good at juggling things about and getting quite a lot out of very little Libra. You are good at edging out of things and can be inventive with the excuses. You can turn things about very quickly, creating a positive out of a negative. You have to take everything as it comes as you have to power to influence the outcome, so although some events may come as unpleasant surprises, you can end up with a good result. So stay on your toes and be ready to act on the spur of the moment.


Hello Scorpio. This month you are restless and excitable; you enjoy being spontaneous and are quickly bored with a lackluster partner. Your desire for communication increases, and there is a greater emphasis on reviving the friendship aspect of the relationship. Scorpio is looking for banter, light-hearted debate, and humor in your relationships; you seek to promote frequent but not necessarily in-depth conversation. You enjoy surprising your partner, and you like to go on romantic short trips or road trips.

It's an excellent month to get a new perspective on relationship problems Scorpio, and for not pussyfooting around, you often have to go in like a bull in a China shop, or nothing ever changes. You will risk ruffling feathers, but you can also move situations on.

Scorpio is very playful this month, you can get immersed in love, and you lose track of time. Romantic love can be a glorious distraction; however, if you do have a great deal of responsibility in other areas of your life, balls will get dropped because you can't focus, as love and sex tends to take over your thoughts.


Hi Sagittarius. You aim high in love; this isn't a month where you will take second best, you want who you want, and no one is going to talk you out of that. You will probably get what you want, and relationships that begin now can be intense, passionate, and emotionally satisfying; however, they can also be controlling.

You are drawn to influential people; however, you have to be careful of the charming narcissistic who spoils you and puts you on a pedestal, only to become a Trojan horse into your psyche. You must be very careful that you understand what's going on at a psychological level in love, as there may already be signs of subtle manipulation. Yet, the relationship, with all its warning signs, is very addictive.

This month you need to avoid stress; it's an excellent month to take time off and spend it looking after your health and eating well.

It's very important to detox both mentally and physically Sagittarius.


Hello Capricorn. This month, you can attract money to yourself because of your charm and diplomacy; sometimes, playing a role as a chairman or mediator helps you earn money. Capricorn can also gain in terms of improving cash flow, through tips, through loans, or via situations where people want to donate your website or maybe sponsor you.

With Jupiter moving retrograde back into your second house, this is an excellent time to review old plans and go back to things you were thinking about before but may have put off due to limitations or restrictions Capricorn.

Maybe projects went back to the drawing board because you didn't have enough money. However, this may be the time when money begins to become available for things, especially like furthering training or study, so that you can increase the amount of money you earn.


Hello Aquarius. You may be asking yourself about new romantic love this month and if this guy/girl is The One? How do you feel in the relationship? Do you think you're compatible, and most importantly, is this person bringing out the best or the worst in you.

If you've been in a relationship for the last 6 to 12 months, it's time to ask if you have improved as a person during this time? You have to question whether this person is taking your life forward, or is he holding you in the past, or perhaps you've just reached the low roadblock and can't move forward with this particular person.

The first few months of a relationship are experimental, you are finding your feet in the relationship, and very exciting things are happening Aquarius. Still, this month you'll have to face a few realities, and that means asking, what's next? First, you have to know yourself well and be honest about how you feel inside as a person and whether there is a feel-good factor that indicates that this relationship can last?


Hello Pisces. So, this is not a time for self-denial or regret; it's a time to discover the lesson within recent events and understand what's toxic about the relationship, but without having guilt or shame about it. It's also not about wasting time bemoaning your own failings; learn lessons about yourself through the dynamic of the relationship, learn lessons about your partner, and then the challenge is to both move forward. Journaling is a good thing.

Everything that happens in your relationship is teaching you something Piscean. If you can learn from those lessons, you can take the relationship forward, grow stronger as a couple, and appreciate emerging aspects of your personality.

This month you are very restless once again; you are looking for excitement but not in a disruptive way necessarily. In new relationships, you are looking to shake up your partner with some probing questions to discover more about their limits. You may be inclined to press their buttons just to see how they react in certain situations.


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Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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