Signs of the Evil Eye

Evil Eye

The evil eye symbol is one of the rare cases where “like dissolves like”. The enthralling appearance looks almost menacing, creating the question: Why does something that resembles the curse itself defend us against it as well?

Although this may sound contradictory, it is in the very nature of the evil eye sign to create a boomerang effect.

Then again, you may wonder, what is the motivation behind getting an evil eye charm in the first place? This brings us to the signs of the evil eye - recognizing the curse symptoms.

In the past, evil eye signs have been explained through a rather trivial, causal relationship, e.g. if you start seeing hallucinations or start seeing shapes, that is the key evil eye sign. K&L believes in a more general, holistic approach, as only a genuine, spiritual equilibrium can create a nurturing space for our souls.

Nowadays, evil eye signs can be detected in a broader scope of situations around us. For example, sudden bad communication in our important relationships can be a sign that the energy we project is not balanced and is probably influenced by a bunch of negativity.

Or, you may experience certain unpleasant feelings that downgrade your self-esteem and make you wonder whether you are capable of achieving your goals.

Whatever the form, the background is the same - our surroundings and relationships, both with our loved ones and ourselves can, unfortunately, be influenced by the evil eye curse.

Therefore, you should act upon this as soon as you notice a negative change in the energy around you. The question imposed is: What should you do?

The best way is to go for the “like dissolves like” principle and create your own shield with an evil eye accessory from Karma and Luck.

Evil Eye

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What is the Significance of the Evil Eye?

Considering the impact of this notorious curse, it is quintessential to prevent it from doing any more harm. The significance of the evil eye lies in the fact that we should embrace the power and potency of the curse itself and use it for our defense. Only by deflecting its own glare can we maintain our spiritual balance.

Although the strength of the evil glare is immense, you should not ever believe that the evil look will ever do any physical harm to you, as it was believed centuries ago.

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On the other hand, you shouldn’t downgrade its spiritual impact by any means, as it can seriously impact your vibes and energy. Think of the evil glare as that kind of bad mood during a hard period in life, or the unwanted aura emerging during arguments with your loved ones.

The effect doesn’t have to be extreme, however, the negative influence of the evil eye is accumulated over time.

Therefore, by understanding its history will you know how to use the symbol as a deflective boomerang. Only by channeling mindful thoughts can we create a shield from this curse.

Evil Eye

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Evil Eye Symptoms

As already noted, evil eye symptoms do not have to be specific. For example, an overall feeling that something is amiss is enough to prove the presence of the evil eye.

Additionally, any kind of feeling that impedes you in your endeavors can be a manifestation of the evil eye. Whenever you feel that, despite your consistent effort, an idea is not coming to fruition, it can mean that a curse of the evil eye has got in your way.

Evil Eye

So, How Can You Avoid It? Here are a few tips:

  • Be more mindful about it - If certain situations just don’t seem right, or they have a negative vibe about them, identify them in the very beginning.

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  • Practice gratefulness and meditation - Only with frequent practice will you be able to combat the influx of evil eye symptoms.

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With a regular habit of wearing evil eye jewelry, you won’t even have to think about the symptoms of malintent aimed toward you. This way, no negativity would have the confidence to think about coming closer to you.

Evil Eye

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