10 Cleansing Rituals to Do This Spring: Pave the Way for Abundance & Growth

Spring Cleansing Rituals

Signs of spring are a pleasant welcome for us all. While we need the winter rest to reevaluate, rejuvenate, and reset, spring invites us to push our goals forward and act with intention. Spring cleansing rituals are a fun way to prepare and get started!

For many bird species, spring means building a new home and gathering materials to create a safe nest for their future fledglings. Plants do something similar; flowers and shrubs take advantage of the cleared forest floor to grow and mature before trees clutter the upper reaches with denser leaves and branches.

We too can lean into this cycle by clearing and cleansing our minds, bodies, and spaces.

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10 Cleansing Rituals to Do This Spring 

The good news is we don't have to throw out everything we own and turn to minimalism (unless you want to!). The following rituals help us take steps to clarify and gain perspective on what lies ahead in the season…

Cleanse Your Crystal Jewelry

We can rely on the amazing power of crystals, especially when we prioritize them in our spring cleaning tasks. With energy cleansing rituals, we can recalibrate and restore the pristine vibrations of the beautiful gemstones we cherish.

There are multiple ways to cleanse the crystals embedded within our jewelry. We must be mindful of the properties of each stone because some methods may work for certain crystals while being destructive to others.

For example, submerging some crystals in water washes away stale energy; but water can dissolve and break down the physical properties of certain stones. Sunlight is also good for some crystals, and moonlight sheds energetic waves for certain stones, like Moonstone and Selenite.

Smudging, in which we pass objects through the smoke of burning herbs like Sage or Palo Santo, touches not just our crystals but also the space around us. We can also use special crystals to draw out any unwanted or unnecessary frequencies in other stones (we’ll talk more about these gems later).

We also can’t forget about using sound waves to rebalance our crystals and minerals.

Use Sound to Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

Cleansing Rituals for Home

Let’s talk more about sound healing and cleansing because, like smudging, its effect reaches everything it touches. Wavelengths of sound remove negative energy around us. Then, with a clean space, we have room to invite new intentions and abundance inside.

One of the best ways to engage in sound cleansing is to use singing bowls. These bowls allow us to generate specially tuned frequencies that sweep through the room, bringing in waves of positive vibrations.

We’ve curated a collection of crystal singing bowls to find the rhythm of certain intentions or to replenish the energy of a home.

Practice Daily Chakra Clearing Rituals

No matter what season, this ritual offers immense benefits to every level of our being. By aligning our chakras, we provide ourselves with a balanced vessel to experience daily spiritual adventures. 

With meditation, color healing, and other practices, we can cleanse our chakras so that they reset and sync with earthly and divine vibrations. When we do this daily, we find moments of relaxation and clarification to get a true sense of what energizes and nourishes our well-being.

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Improve the Feng Shui in Your Home

Energy Cleansing Rituals

Decluttering, polishing furniture, and cleaning windows has a powerful energetic impact on us, making the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui one of the most beloved cleansing rituals for home.

Once we’ve tackled the hard work of household chores to create an airy, organized space, we can look to Feng Shui to inspire us to incorporate special items that add positivity and wealth at home.

For example, plants have important meaning in this system, and a Feng Shui tree brings special vibrations to a home. Our collection of gemstone bonsai trees help us bring positive vibrations into our space.

Cleanse Your Thoughts

As much as our space needs clearing, we also need to take stock of the clutter in our minds. We can use energy cleansing rituals to reset our thinking patterns so that we prioritize optimism and positive outlooks in the spring.

Various meditation practices help us process and release the worries and doubts we harbor in our mind. Incorporating movement and exercise daily also aids our thought processes, releasing endorphins that support our focus.

Cleanse Your Thoughts

Do a Body Detox

We can look to detox our bodies further. Regular movement and aerobic exercise help us release toxins through our sweat; but we can do more to give our body a detox, setting our systems up for a spring of renewal. Research different dietary cleanses to find one that will suit your unique health concerns, body type, schedule, and lifestyle.

Remember, a detox doesn’t only relate to the food we consume. Consider a technology detox for a full weekend to alleviate eye strain and reconnect with nature. Take stock of what you consume as entertainment. Does it enrich you and lead you to feel good and happy?

Purge Out Old Computer Files & Emails 

Touching a bit more on technology, we can turn our cleansing rituals towards electronics. Most of us are dealing with cluttered desktops, email counts well into the thousands, and files that are clogging up hard drive space. Set aside time to purge files, emails, and even photos from your phone. Much of this occupies space we could free up for better, more intentional things.

Reexamine the Relationships in Your Life

This season ushers in an energy of communion and fellowship, so we need to ensure that the people we spend our time with replenish our energy instead of depleting it. As the weather warms and the sun radiates, we look to meet up with friends to bask in the joys of spring.

Before setting out on adventures with others, really consider the role of relationships in your life and whether they fuel you or exhaust you. Spend time with those who are willing to give their best selves to your relationship.

Reduce Your Shoulds”

Sure, we think you “should” spring clean, but make sure the pressure of what the world tells you to do isn’t burdening you and steering you off course. By reframing what we think we should do into goals that we can do and want to do, we find joy in trying to achieve rather than the dread of a list of “shoulds.” 

Use Crystals to Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life

Crystals and Minerals

We started out with cleansing our crystals, but we can also use our crystals as tools in cleansing rituals for home. One of the best crystals for cleansing is Clear Quartz, a stone that is able to amplify the intention of other crystals and infuse positive vibrations into a space. Pointer crystals also help direct healing energy to the areas in our home that need some cleansing.

We’ve compiled Mineral Intention Boxes to equip you with the most powerful stones so you can access the positive frequencies you need to replace what’s holding you back. Whether you want to focus on health and balance, love and loyalty, happiness and confidence, or another area of life, each box contains a set of stones that will help you manifest those intentions.

Final Thoughts

Try out these spring cleansing rituals to set the tone and find rhythm in the season ahead. Spring carries growth and renewal. These activities will surely inspire enlightened action in your daily life. 

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