About Us


Karma and Luck creates gifts that represent and unite the different cultures of the world and inspire people all over the world. We use ancient, meaningful symbols and images known the world over as having deep spiritual meaning, such as the Tree of Life, Hamsa, Om and The Blessed Buddha.

Uniting elements of different cultures and uniquely transforming them into intriguing, one-of-a-kind fashionable jewelry, is the hallmark of a Karma and Luck design. Talented artisans have created an array of beautiful pieces that will bring joy and good karma to their owner every time they are adorned, or when a room is decorated with a touch of Karma and Luck.


Uniting Cultures, Inspiring People

Tradition, innovation and love are the driving forces behind Karma and Luck's collection of Spiritual Fashion Jewelry and Home Décor.

Karma and Luck was founded in 2015 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Our goal is to bring the wonders and wisdom of the Far and Middle East cultures closer to the western world.

With a carefully selected collection of charms, symbols and icons used in different ancient cultures, Karma and Luck aims to unite cultures and inspire people.  

Constantly evolving, we keep our designs trendy and fashionable, while remaining true to the spiritual meaning they carry.

We use only natural healing stones that bring warmth, calmness and serenity to their bearers. Alongside our jewelry collection we also carry a large variety of inspiring home decor pieces, statues, blessings and wards.