Karma and Luck is the home for fashionable jewelry and home decor from around the world. We are uniting cultures by sharing beliefs, lifestyles and experiences of the far east, the middle east and beyond by celebrating the cultures together. 



We are also hiring for the following positions. 

  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • VP of Marketing

Please send your resume to or fill your details in the form below. 

Influencer Marketing Manager - Karma and Luck (Las Vegas, NV) 

Karma and Luck is a rapidly expanding Jewelry and Home Goods store with a passion to inspire and share the philosophy of Uniting Cultures. With 12 current locations in Las Vegas, NV and several more to open within the next few months.

Karma and Luck is looking for an Influencer Marketing Manager to join our fast growing team in Las Vegas, Nevada. Karma and Luck is looking for someone with a passion of human interaction and someone who values social media as an innovative space to create and execute movements. We are looking for someone who is resourceful and can thrive within and ambiguous startup environment. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Scale the earned influencer marketing outreach strategy across social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 
  • Spearhead the entire influencer campaign management process
  • Measure, analyze and report out on the impact of the influencer program &; activations
  • Manage relationships with all applicable influencer outreach agencies
  • Build social media campaigns and continuously test, optimize and analyze those campaigns based on key KPIs of retention and installs
  • Support marketing decisions, design plans and overall strategic planning
  • Can take direction and execute area’s of responsibility
  • Generate reports and be able to drive attributed revenue to the marketing department
  • Understand brand values and recruit social media influencers accordingly
  • Develop, pitch, and execute innovative influencer marketing strategies and creative campaigns that push Karma and Luck and the industry of Influencer Marketing forward
  • Identify and build relationships with prominent influencers and thought leaders
  • Attend relevant events for networking and business purposes
  • Develop content ideas and write and curate content
  • Research relevant industry experts, competitors, target audience and users
  • Keep track and report emerging trends, technologies and influencers
  • Liaising with the marketing team to create and coordinate marketing strategies that work across different channels


  • 2+ years of work experience in Influencer Marketing and Social Proven Experience Driving Revenue within an Organization
  • In-depth knowledge of Social Media Marketing Industry
  • Impeccable Written and Verbal Skills
  • Outstanding Project Management Skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Relationship Building Skills
  • An Aptitude for High-Level Networking
  • Experience working with: GSuite, Slack, Clickup, MailShake, PersitIQ, Sprout Social, Mention and Google Analytics
  • Experience in cultivating influencer relationships
  • Excellent writing and language skills
  • Technical knowledge of social media platforms
  • Creative and innovative thinking; aware of current trends and future technologies and channels 

      Vice President of Marketing - Karma and Luck (Las Vegas, NV)

      Karma and Luck is a rapidly expanding Jewelry and Home Goods store with a passion to inspire and share the philosophy of Uniting Cultures. With 12 current locations in Las Vegas, NV and several more to open within the next few months.

       The Vice President of Marketing is an integral member of the Creative and Social Media Management Team and is responsible for all activities related to conceptualizing and implementing marketing strategies, which include, but are not limited to brand strategy, digital media engagement, social media, and creating and developing content for internal and external communication.

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities

      • Drive the mid and long term retail strategy by understanding the market flow, retailer and competitor trends; 
      • Follow the cooperative retail methodology depending on each retailer store's operation standards;
      • Drive the planning of the stores operation strategy in relation to the product and marketing strategies of the company;
      • Create a guide for differentiated in-store display based on the store management strategy, and ensure that the guideline is localized in a timely and accurate manner; 
      • Manage in-store total solution consulting activities for the improvement of retail store conditions; 
      • Manage the field force strategy in the region;
      • Develop contents that field force can use for sales and promotion to enhance sales success rate;
      • Manage the comprehensive training plan for field force capability enhancement and its local expansion;
      • Maximize sell-outs by working with the stores.
      • Strengthen profit-based up-selling of premium products by optimizing SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for each store; 
      • Ensure communication and reporting to HQ and local organization management on regular basis. 
      • Plan and execute all digital marketing, including, SEO/SEM, marketing database, email and social media 
      • Design, build and maintain our social media presence across all channels as well as FB


      • Develop video channels and video content.
      • Ensure all email and affiliate marketing is running.
      • Create offline events.
      • Ensure storytelling of products on and offline.
      • Oversee brand packaging.
      • Oversee company prints.
      • Create company promotions such as, holiday, sales, etc…
      • Create store marketing material for all locations.
      • Create and oversee company social events.
      • Develop Karma and Lucks brand culture.
      • Ensure all PR is handled and running on all channels.
      • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assess KPI’s
      • Well versed in SEO, web analytics and digital marketing strategies and tactics
      • Strong analytic and project management skills
      • Responsible for website content and relevance
      • Develop content strategy aligned with short- and long-term marketing targets
      • Create and publish engaging content
      • Edit, proofread, and improve writers’ post
      • Optimize content according to SEO
      • Use content management systems to analyze website traffic and user’s engagement metrics
      • Develop an editorial calendar and ensure content is on available
      • Ensure compliance with laws

      Qualifications and Requirements

      • 5+ years of Marketing Management experience
      • Basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishing
      • Knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics
      • Excellent writing skills in English
      • Attention to detail
      • Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
      • Proven work experience in marketing with demonstrable experience in designing,    
      • Implementing and executing successful marketing, public relations, social media and communications campaigns
      • Able to adapt to constant changes in rapidly fluctuating business and corporate environment;
      • Collaborative, a real team player able to lead others and encourage;
      • Excellent communication skills. Result oriented;
      • Business and financial acumen is highly required;
      • Upper-Intermediate English is a must.panding Jewelry and Home Goods store with a passion to inspire and share the philosophy of Uniting Cultures. With 12 current locations in Las Vegas, NV and several more to open within the next few months, we need a