Fill Your Living Space With Good for Day-to-Day Positivity

You’ve probably come across the term “feng shui” a couple of times. Feng shui is a formalized practice in China that has existed for many years and is observed all over the world. “Feng” means “wind”, while “shui” means “water”, and for the Chinese, wind and water are associated with good fortune and good health.

Many believe that feng shui is the “art of placement” or a way in which people and material objects should exist in a given space in order to create a positive flow of energy which leads to fortune and good luck.

Ideally, your furniture, décor, and other home elements should be placed in certain spots in your house so that they may work in harmony with each other and invoke a feeling of prosperity, good health, love, and other positive energies. So how can you attract good energy to your home? Let’s take a look at the the feng shui practices you can use to dodge bad luck or misfortune.

Center of Your House

Simply put, the center of your home can be very similar to how a human heart works in that it directs the flow energy into different parts of your house. In order for this space to positively impact the rest of your home and create balance, it must have all five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. A great example of this could be a bamboo (wood) fountain (water) with stones (earth) and metal coins in the basin as well as a red ribbon (fire) tied around it.

Living Room

This is the space where you and your family will often spend time in to relax, catch up and hang out. The décor must invoke a calm energy, so you might want to look into using a lots of blues, greens, and browns for this space.


Similar to your living room, your bedroom must also carry a calming energy because this is where you will sleep and end your day. Keep this space clutter-free and use light colors for décor. Lighting is also a very important aspect, as you will want to have very good electric lights at night and an excellent source of natural light flowing into your room in the morning.


Lastly, another important space to look into is your kitchen where you prepare and eat food. This should have elements that symbolize wealth and prosperity, so an abundance of vibrant-looking plants, fountains, and other décor with pops of purple and red should suit this space.

No matter how much time you spend at home, keep in mind that it is a place that helps you unwind, protects you from bad weather, and welcomes you in whatever state or emotion you’re in. Make an effort to get rid of material things that emit bad energy and incorporate things that are more likely to bring you a positive vibe day in and day out.

Pick the Right Home Decor

Choose from a wide selection of blessings, decors, and lamps to bless and protect your home at Karma and Luck!

Fill Your Living Space With Good for Day-to-Day Positivity

If you want to invite positivity into your home, the Tree of Life is the perfect center decor. Alternatively called Feng Shui trees, these are crafted with special stones that help balance the energy in your home.

Fill Your Living Space With Good for Day-to-Day Positivity

The right wall plaque can beautifully adorn a room’s walls while also symbolizing protection and encouraging prayer throughout your home.

Fill Your Living Space With Good for Day-to-Day Positivity

In terms of adding color to your home, these Turkish floor lamps are exquisitely made with elaborate designs and brilliant hues.

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