The Citrine Stone

The Citrine Stone lights up the lives of those that work with this stone. It radiates bright energy, happiness, and joy.  It energizes good luck and good fortune in ways that are unexpected. For those who work with crystals, they know it to bring prosperity and success, thus giving it the name of “Success Stone”.

In all areas and ways, the Citrine Stone is said for the shops that place a Citrine Stone in their cash box will receive an abundance of success. It has been known to bring about generosity for sharing that success.

The Chakra Position

When it comes to chakra, the Citrine Stone is a solar plexus stone that clarifies, increases, and magnifies one’s personal energy and power when used metaphysically. Because it increases one’s personal power, they can focus which gives them more power.

The Citrine Stone fights negative energy by clearing it from the environment. It will clear the negative energies causing issues in the family, home, office, indoors and outdoors. It gives hope and is a protective stone.

Citrine is a stone known to bring hope by eliminating negative energies. It is good for protection in general and helps bring stability energetically. It is the perfect stone to hold while meditating, helping to develop the spirituality and peak psychic awareness.

This stone will enhance your confidence, mental clarity, and willpower. With this stone, you’ll no longer fear being judged, making this the happy stone. It relieves your anger, depression, irrational moods, and self-doubt.

The Health Benefits

The Citrine Stone is used in crystal healing to heal circulatory issues, diabetes, digestion issues, and heal the heart, kidney, and liver. It cleanses the thyroid and urinary system and strengthens the general health by overcoming addictions and cleansing toxins from the body.

The History

For thousands of years, Ancient Greece used the stone ornamentally as a decorative gem. Scottish men placed the Citrine Stone on their dagger’s handles for decoration and some would have a sword completely made of Citrine Stone. Between WWI and WWII, known as the Art Deco period, it was a popular stone with stars wearing it in elaborate, oversized jewelry.

Today, the primary use of the Citrine Stone is for the clarity and color it gives to jewelry. The stone is found in Brazil, France, Madagascar, and Russia. It boasts beautiful colors of autumn hues of bright oranges and light yellows.  Its name means “yellow quartz” and is November’s national birthstone.

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