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November 28, 2021

21 Money Mantras & Affirmations To Manifest Your Goals

By Nadine Hamdan
Money Mantras

This impactful manifestation article isn't about the year 2021 but rather the significance of the number 21 and how it will positively affect you in 2022. It's time to leave the worry and negativity behind and create some potent positive vibes in 2022 and manifest that money.

21 Money Mantras & Affirmations To Manifest Your Goals In 2022

Ah, the lucky number 21. We associate it with all kinds of good fortune in our lives. But, did you know the numerology number 21 is both a creative spirit and self-expression number? Also, 21's energy is optimistic and enthusiastic; it inspires others.

As an overview, in numerology, the number 21 represents a composition containing the ideas of:

  • Creative self-expression
  • Optimism
  • Inspiration
  • Relationships
  • Diplomacy
  • The Law Of Attraction

The number 21 is associated with the Tarot card "The World," which is symbolic of the fulfillment of what is willed.

The Major Arcana in the Tarot represents a stage of spiritual development.

Like The World card, the number 21 symbolizes success and fulfills the utmost desires.

If you continue to see the number 21 repeatedly, your spirit guides are sending you a message that you are on the right track, and keeping a focus on your goals is essential. In other words, keep your eyes and ears open for bigger and better opportunities and never give up.

The number #2 is associated with partnership, balance, and leadership, while #1 is associated with leadership, independence, and self-motivation.

Chinese Horoscope On Lucky 21 & 22

Here are a few more fascinating facts about the Chinese Horoscope and the number 21. We are in the year of the Metal Ox, and as we enter 2022, we will be moving into the year of the Water-Tiger.

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the year of the Metal Ox is all about building relationships. Vital to understand that as we move forward in our money manifestation goals. It is important to note that their year doesn't end until January 31, 2022. So if you need more time, here it is. 

The New Chinese year begins February 1, 2022, till January 21, 2023, and it is the year of the Water Tiger will start on February 1 of 2022, and will last until January 21 of 2023. The Tiger is the 3rd (2 + 1) of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, and its correspondent in the European Horoscope is Aquarius. 

The Tiger represents energy, strength, protection, leadership, purposefulness, and sensitivity. But, on the flip side, it represents selfishness, overestimation, and an "all or nothing" attitude.  

We're only a few weeks away from ringing in the new year; we'll start to feel some of 2022's influence during December and into January. 

The number 22 is a "Master Builder" in numerology and is associated with building a base or structure. It also happens to be one of the most powerful in numerology. HELLO, 2022. How perfect, let's peek at what's ahead.

Angel Number 2022 Spiritual Meaning

Angel Number 2022 Spiritual Meaning

We can't leave the angels out of this conversation. Angel Number 2022 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into a reality. Number 2022 resonates with balance, faith, manifesting miracles, and new opportunities.

What does 2022 mean spiritually? When you work hard and focus on achieving your goals toward your success (no matter what it may be), your Angels will come to assist you in every possible way. The harder you concentrate on becoming more active spiritually, the easier it is to access your intuition.

The number 2022 is so powerful an Angel number that this could be the year to manifest whatever you set your mind to.

Addressing Negative Thoughts

"I've tried it before! So why can't I manifest money?"

Here's the thing. For manifesting to work, you must genuinely acknowledge, in your heart, that you will achieve the abundance you so deserve.

You also have to do the emotional, physical, and spiritual work that leads to abundance. Putting in the effort daily, acting as if you know you'll be successful while you put the time and energy into manifesting it is all you need is the trick.

Believe success is yours, here and now. Once you've done that, you'll begin to manifest Money and to see the result of your hard work and belief.

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TRUST that you are worthy of achieving all you set out to do. 

Mistakes and all past negative thoughts be damned. This is a new mindset you are working toward, and past beliefs have absolutely no space in either your head or your life.


Visualize exactly what you want to achieve and write them in a journal or in a notebook.

What are you doing in your ideal, abundant life?

What would you like to see happen for you in 2022?

Write them all down and don't worry about it being neat or concise. These are creative visualizations and putting them on paper will encourage you.


Think about it this way. If you genuinely believe that you are successful, you'd do what successful people do

They do not wait around for something to come to them; they pursue what they're going after.

They take action. Today, tomorrow, and every day after.

For some of us that is easier said than done, so let's start by cultivating a strong belief system through mantras and also the exercises below will help tremendously.



Affirmations can help you change your mindset when you're feeling low or give you a boost of energy to move toward your dreams. Some of the affirmations that you might consider: 

  • Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • There are no limits to the amount of money I can make.
  • I attract money daily.
  • I am financially abundant.

We have more Money Manifestation Mantras below. But keep reading.

Take Action and Start Manifesting!

If you want to manifest more abundance in 2022, you can do things to make the process even more powerful, and we're here to help guide you toward spiritual enlightenment about:

  • Money mantras and affirmation to help you feel confident and create a different mindset.
  • Goal-setting questions to inspire and guide your manifesting work. 
  • Open you up to believing that you can achieve your big dreams because YOU ARE.

    We will focus on enlightenment and creating positive vibrations and think about our answers below.

      creating positive vibrations

      Below are 21 easy questions (22 actually, we threw in one more to honor 2022) to write once a day for the next 21 days and answer them honestly and without any hesitation. Journaling these questions and the ones above are the best and most powerful ways to remember and live by them. They will also help you set your intentions and that is what manifestation is all about.

      Also, please put them in your calendar after you answer them day by day, and it is at the forefront of your mind. 

      1. What are three "power" words to live by, and what do they mean to you.
      2. When do you feel most at peace?
      3. What would simplifying your life look like?
      4. How can you cultivate more joy in your daily life?
      5. What makes you feel loved and appreciated?
      6. What impact do you want to have on the world?
      7. Describe your perfect romantic relationship.
      8. How can you become more like the person who creates that "romantic relationship" energy?
      9. Describe three things in your life that you want to manifest more of.
      10. Do you feel in control of your thoughts? If so, how? If not, why not?
      11. Describe your current relationship with Money.
      12. Describe your ideal relationship with Money.
      13. You are ready to manifest your dream life. What behaviors of yours prove this to be true?
      14. Think about what you wrote yesterday. Then answer the question, "What additional positive behaviors would further prove that I am ready to manifest your dream life?"
      15. If the closest people to you were asked to describe you in three words, what would they be?
      16. Think about your answers yesterday. What three words would you want them to choose?
      17. Write three of your favorite quotes or affirmations. If you do not have any, find some and write them down.
      18. Think about the three quotes or affirmations you wrote yesterday. Now, let's move it into a more robust direction by writing how to embody this positive energy more in your daily life. 
      19. Why are you so incredibly successful?
      20. Why do you deserve the life you are asking to manifest?
      21. Write a brief "thank you" letter to yourself for a recent achievement or expression of self-love or self-care.

      Lucky 22: Describe three ways you can or will commit to showing yourself love and self-worth every single day between now and 2022.

      Below are 21 Money Mantras to recite once a day for 21 lucky days. Project your vibrations with intention.

      Money Mantra

      21 Money Mantra Affirmations for 21 Days:

      HERE WE GO: Every morning and evening (even throughout the day), chant these affirmations to yourself quietly or out loud. Whatever your comfort zone. The more time you spend in your "money mindset," the more significant your benefits. You may even wish to grab post-it notes and leave them around the house, where you will see them and continue your mantras. 

      Don’t miss a single day. Keep the positive energy alive.

      DAY 1

      Money is an unlimited resource, and it is constantly flowing my way.

      DAY 2

      I am a money magnet.

      DAY 3

      I enjoy making money and getting paid.

      DAY 4

      My passion can make me rich.

      DAY 5

      I am open and ready to receive Money now.

      DAY 6

      I am vibrationally aligned with prosperity.

      DAY 7

      Manifesting more money comes naturally to me.

      DAY 8

      I am open and ready to receive Money now.

      DAY 9

      Every dollar I spent comes back to me multiplied.

      DAY 10

      I fully release my money blocks.

      DAY 11

      I am open to receiving abundance.

      DAY 12

      Abundance is my right, and I deserve it.

      DAY 13

      My money-making opportunities are limitless.

      DAY 14

      I have put channels in place to receive money.

      DAY 15

      Something extraordinary is about to happen to me; I am open.

      DAY 16

      I am a powerfully charged money magnet.

      DAY 17

      My positive feelings about Money are attracting it to me every day.

      DAY 18

      I am worthy of positive cash flow.

      DAY 19

      I have abundant joy and love in my life and call in financial abundance.

      DAY 20

      I notice and am open to new money sources.

      DAY 21

      I release all resistance to attracting Money.

      One more for luck: 

      DAY 22

      I live each day appreciating my worth. I honor Money. I am open to receiving abundance on all levels. Thank you, Universal energy, for guiding me.

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