5 Tips to Protect Your Energy During the Holidays

How to Ground And Protect Your Energy During the Holidays, According to Cheryl Muir

It’s no secret the holidays are an incredibly busy season for all of us. It’s a time of year when I choose to adjust and upgrade my daily routine. This way, I can ensure that I’m taking the best possible care of myself so I may lead, heal, and serve to the best of my ability.

Here are my top five tips to help you ground and stabilize your energy during this busy and demanding holiday season. 


I choose to meditate every day. My meditation of choice is the guided variety, which I select based on what my schedule requires me on any given day. For example, if I’m attending a holiday party, I’ll listen to a guided hypnosis for confidence or an energetic protection meditation. If it’s a work day with client sessions, I’ll select a meditation for cleansing my chakra points so I may enter a private or group coaching session as an empty vessel.


Exercise makes you feel good. Period. I make it a rule to sweat and raise my heart rate every day, be it a traditional workout such as HIIT training, a yoga sequence, or even a brisk walk in nature. Living in England’s Lake District, there are plenty of beautiful locations to reset my energy in the fresh air and take in views of the lakes and the mountains. 

If you don’t have an abundance of nature right at your doorstep, find a park or a garden. Sit quietly on the park bench, close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out. Visualize roots growing from the soles of your feet and down into the center of the earth, wrapping around the earth’s core. This grounding practice takes only a couple of minutes, and it noticeably balances and calms your mind.


I support my mindset practice with daily journaling. A writer at heart, I simply must write every day, and committing my thoughts to paper helps to tame my thoughts and find clarity on anything that is causing me stress or anxiety. This is a particularly helpful practice when our minds are whirring faster than usual with the various demands of gift-giving, social engagements, and family dinners!


Crystals are a huge part of my daily routine, particularly during the holidays. I’m intentional about which crystals I choose to have on my desk. For example, I have a beautiful piece of rose quartz which sits on my desk and helps to lift any sadness my clients are feeling as they heal their hearts.

I’m also conscious of choosing a crystal to wear when I go out to run errands, like how I choose a protective crystal when out in crowds. My black agate bracelet is my go-to this time of year. I make sure to cleanse it before and after wearing it, and I picture any energy that is not mine simply being absorbed by this beautiful stone. It’s an empath’s best friend! 

Affirmation Audios

This one is my secret weapon. Are you ready? We all know affirmations are a powerful way to support your mindset practice, step into an upgraded identity, and also call in specific things you wish to manifest. Reading, writing, or speaking affirmations out loud is a common way to do this. 

I choose to go one step further. Once I’ve created my affirmations for the month ahead, I speak my affirmations into my iPhone’s voice recorder app. Each morning, I listen to these audios. This is effective for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s your own voice. It’s not a guru or spiritual teacher telling you these affirmations. It’s you telling yourself. 

It’s also practical because you can pop in your headphones and listen to the affirmation audios as you’re going about your day, making it easy to integrate into your routine. And finally, the affirmations lodge into your subconscious without very much effort on your part. I really encourage you to try this one out!
I truly hope this helped you learn a couple of new tips for taking care of yourself during the festive season. Which one was your favorite? Share with me in the comments!

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