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February 6, 2023

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication

Do you ever feel like the Universe is trying to talk to you? Maybe you keep spotting spirit animals, or get a tingling sensation each time you make a decision, or maybe you see the same numbers repeating themselves throughout your day. Whatever it is, rest assured, that yes, the Universe is in fact trying to communicate with you, and one of the most common ways is through angel numbers. 

Angel numbers show up differently for everybody. It may be as simple as being drawn to a certain number such as 7 or 44, or it can be much more noticeable, and at first, slightly unsettling, seeing the same sequences over and over.

It is very common to see the same number or the same number sequence, and often in the most mundane of places, such as telephone numbers, receipts, addresses, and the time on the clock. These seemingly average numbers are actually little whispers from above, and are known as angel numbers. 

Each of us are said to be blessed with guardian angels, constantly by our sides, and ready to protect and guide us. Living at a much higher frequency than us, guardian angels are unable to communicate with us in a way that we fully understand, so they have to get creative.

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One such way they send us messages is through numbers. So, no you are not crazy when you feel that the same number is constantly appearing in your day! It’s really just your angel saying “hi" or trying to pass on important information. It’s a good thing you tuned in and paid attention to the signs!

Each angel number carries a different significance, and although everyone’s experience will vary slightly, we can use numerology to help decipher a great deal of the messages. It is advised, however, to always follow your own intuition - paying special attention to how your particular numbers show up and how they make you feel. 

Curious to learn more about angel numbers? Read on to explore everything there is to know about this form of divine communication - the meaning of angel numbers, the history of angel numbers, the connection between numerology and angel numbers, and so much more! Let’s dive in. 

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What Are Angel Numbers?

Think of angel numbers as a direct communication channel with your guardian angel or spirit guide. As you begin to tap in and become more mindful of how your guides communicate, the more these messages will start to come through.

Angel numbers can show up anywhere and everywhere, it just takes a present mind and a watchful eye to notice them. Some common places to find angel numbers are telephone numbers, home addresses, times on the clock, receipt totals, or airplane itineraries, but really anything that includes numbers. 

These numbers will start to show up as repetitive occurrences throughout your days. For example, you may see 1111 everywhere - each time you touch your phone’s home screen to check the time or each time you look up at a house or business’s address.

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The more you notice that 1111, the more you see it, and you may start to wonder why. That 1111 is far more than just a numerical sequence, and in fact, holds a great deal of important spiritual information for you. It is a message from the divine made just for you. 

1111 is a common angel number, but there are many, many more, and everybody seems to have a different one. As each number holds a different significance, it is quite normal for the numbers seen to change throughout a person’s lifetime, too.

Although the meanings of angel numbers change based on the digits and the person, one thing is for certain, and that is that it is a good sign - you are almost certainly on the right path. 


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The Meaning of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers can be just about any sequence of numbers that you see on a recurring basis throughout your life. The magical thing about them is that everybody has a different number. Their meaning is mostly attached to confirmation. These numerical messages serve as guidance and direction.

They often show up when making a big decision or when contemplating whether or not you are on the right path. Seeing these numbers is believed to be your angels’ way of saying “green light” to your plans. Spotting your angel number is a small relief that you are in alignment with your purpose. 

Seeing these recurring angel numbers should fill you with a sense of confidence and empowerment. Knowing that you are aligned helps you to push onwards towards your goals and dreams. So do you keep spotting 444 or 333? It is no coincidence! You are moving in the right direction, so keep going! 

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Are Angel Numbers Bad or Good?

Angel numbers are an inherently good sign. These little messages of confirmation are like sweet nudges from your guardian angel to keep going on the path you are on.

It may be unsettling at first to notice these numbers on such a frequent basis, but rest assured, there is no foul play attached to these divine messages. Angel numbers come from a place of pure love and a place of higher consciousness - so fear not, this is a good thing! 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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The Connection Between Angel Numbers & Numerology

With differing schools of numerology, such as Pythagorean and Chaldean, this is an ancient science holding great significance to this day. Numbers are believed to be the basis of language, and for that are said to hold far greater meaning than simply for counting.

Numerology serves to place more meaning and significance to each number, adhering to the belief that every number exudes different energies and vibrations. 

Many spiritual practices, such as palm reading and astrology, use numerology as the backbone of their studies. For instance, in astrology, the energy of different numbers is used to determine astrological events and birth chart information. Subconsciously, or not, many of us are using numerology on a daily basis. 

When it comes to angel numbers, numerology is crucial. This science is what helps to decipher the code of angel numbers; providing meaning to each divine numerical occurrence.

If you keep seeing 8, for instance, you can look to numerology to uncover the spiritual meaning of this digit - inner strength and inner wisdom. Keep seeing 4? In numerology, 4 is tied to strength and stability. Regardless of what angel number you see, let numerology be your dictionary. 

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Is There an Association Between Astrology & Angel Numbers?

Unlike astrology, the angel numbers you see cannot really be predicted. Astrology is determined by birth date and time, whereas angel numbers are somewhat more random - at least to the human eye. Therefore, there is no definite relationship between angel numbers and astrology, other than them being two spiritual practices and beliefs. 

The Top Themes for Angel Numbers

Based on the principles of numerology, each angel number has a different meaning attached to it. Although your intuition will be your greatest guide when it comes to angel numbers, you can use the help of numerology and experience to decipher these sweet messages from the divine. Here are some of the top themes that angel numbers cover and which digits are attached to them: 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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  • Abundance

The angel number, 8, or any variation, such as 88 or 888, is regarded to be the best signal of abundance. Seeing these angel numbers for abundance is a sign that prosperity is on the way.

Maybe you have been wishing for success in your career or hoping for an investment to do well, whatever it is, seeing an 8 is a good indicator that things are looking up for your endeavors. 8 is also a great angel number for money and success. 

  • Love & Relationships

There are many angel numbers that are connected to the healing frequency of love, including 777, 000, 222, and 333, just to name a few. Seeing these angel numbers for love could mean a variety of things, such as a new relationship on the horizon, the repair of a broken relationship, or the reunion with a twin flame or soulmate. 

An angel number for love, however, could also be urging you to put yourself first. Angel numbers for self-love are quite common, and are asking you to prioritize your own needs - falling in love with yourself before anyone else. Some popular angel numbers for self-love are 000, 411, or 555. If you see these numbers regularly, your guides may be telling you to trust yourself more. 

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  • Healing

Healing from heartbreak or illness? 111 is the ultimate angel number for healing from physical ailments. Attached to the sun, the number 1, vibrates with life-giving energy. 

777 is another wonderful angel number for healing, signifying that you are on the mend! Illness, injury, or disease are leaving your body, and health is near. 

As for healing from the loss of a loved one, 444 is the angel number you seek. Seeing 444 serves as assurance that your loved one has safely passed on and is happy and free. 

  • Good Luck

Known as one of the luckiest numbers, 7 is the ultimate angel number for good luck. If you have had a string of bad luck lately, but start to see the number 7, have faith that good things are on the way. 

  • Manifestation

A sign that you are on the right track, 444 is a great angel number for manifestation. Whatever you have been wishing for is coming your way. 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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  • Twin Flame Reunions

Seeing angel numbers for twin flame reunion signifies that your guardian angel thinks it important to reunite with your soulmate, or twin flame. There is still much healing to be done, and lessons to be learned for both of you. The most common angel numbers for twin flame reunion are 151, 2222, 234, 4321, 1010, and 424

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A List of Single Digit Angel Numbers & Their Meaning

Single digits can be angel numbers on their own, or can be used as building blocks to determine the meaning of larger numerical sequences. Here is the numerological meaning of angel numbers 1-9:

  • 0

    The meaning of angel number, 0, encourages you to embrace new beginnings. You are being encouraged to start fresh and take the leap. Have faith that you will be rewarded for your bravery. 0 also promotes self-love and self-confidence. 

  • Seeing the digit, 1, in your angel numbers symbolizes a fresh start. You are being pushed to stay true to your goals and dreams, knowing that all of the hard work you are putting in is worth the effort. Stay positive, embracing each change or transformation with open arms. 
  • 2

The meaning of angel number 2 is tied directly to your higher purpose. Your angels are nudging you towards the right path - ensuring that each step you take is intentional and for your benefit. A spiritual awakening may be near. 

  • 3

Exuding the energy of creativity, 3 is a wonderful angel number to see. This expansive digit indicates that blessings and manifestations are on the way. Get ready for a new job, new relationship, or an influx of financial success. 

  • 4

Angel number, 4, is all about stability. Your guides are asking you to make more time for grounding down and are encouraging you to plant some roots. Any goals you are working towards are being supported by the divine realm, so keep up the diligence and motivation. 

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  • 5

5 is an angel number for healing. Seeing this divine digit is a sign that you will soon be free from sickness, injury, or mental confusion. 

  • 6

6 is your angel number for balance. This is a numerical message from your guardians to seek equilibrium in both a physical and mental sense. 

  • 7

All about luck, 7 is your sign that things are looking up for you. Expect a stroke of luck in your life, and do not be surprised when prosperity comes knocking at your door. 

  • 8

Angel number 8 requires you to look at life and the decisions you make from a new perspective. It also symbolizes the opportunity for financial growth and success in career. 

  • 9

Seeing angel number 9 means that you are being supported on all of your goals and endeavors. Your angels have your back, so take risks. It is also a reminder to stay positive and optimistic no matter what roadblocks you may encounter. 

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A List of Double Digit Angel Numbers & Their Meaning

Here are some of the most common double digit angel numbers and what they mean:

  • 00

Seeing 00 everywhere? This angel number means that it is time to lay your problems before a higher power. Surrender to the divine and ask for help. Trust what you hear, and know that your angels will never lead you astray. 

  • 22

Angel number 22 beckons you to keep your eyes and heart open. Opportunities abound! The universe is ready to give you everything you have ever wanted, but you have to be mindful enough to notice the possibilities surrounding you. 

  • 44

Congratulations - 44 is a pat on the back for all your hard work! Your determination and dedication is soon to be rewarded. Rest assured, seeing this angel number means you are on the right path. 

  • 24

2 and 4 are both powerful digits in numerology. When combined, to make 24, their meaning is amplified. This angel number’s meaning is all about trusting yourself. You know what is right for you, so do not let anyone deter you from your path.

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  • 47

Simple in description but powerful in meaning - 47 is your sign that you are doing the correct thing. Keep going. 

  • 13

Often a feared number, 13 is actually a beautiful angel number. This divine message urges you to throw fears away, stepping bold into a new chapter of life. 

  • 66

66 encourages you to release the need for material success or material wealth. Start practicing gratitude for all of the things you already have, and begin prioritizing spiritual wealth. 

  • 99

A numerical symbol of completion, 99 ensures that a chapter is coming to a close. You have completed the task at hand, so get ready for the Universe’s new and exciting plans for you! 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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A List of Triple Digit Angel Numbers & Their Meaning

Often found in sets of three, here are some of the most popular triple digit angel numbers and their meanings

  • 000

Surrounded by 000? This angel number meaning is all about fresh starts. Be unafraid to take a leap into the unknown, embracing the changes and chance for transformation. 

In terms of love, the 000 angel number’s meaning reminds you to look at potential partners from a logical standpoint - taking them for who they are rather than what you want them to be. 

Angel number 000’s meaning for careers is generally associated with a new job or the need for a change. It may be time for a pivot. 

  • 111

This triple 1 sequence presents a powerful time for manifestation. Know that your angels and guides fully have your back, and are encouraging you to take a step forward. You are being heard, so make a wish! 

Angel number 111 in love is all about the self. This divine message urges you to prioritize your own needs. Remember - you can only accept love from others once you love yourself. 

111 in the angel number world inspires you to be yourself. When it comes to your career, be bold and be unique. Express your needs and your vision. 

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  • 222

222 is the magic number of balance. Your guides are signaling that it is time to get back in alignment with your truth. Keep an eye out for helping hands, in a physical or spiritual sense - a partnership may be on the rise. 

When it comes to love, angel number 222’s meaning asks you to connect with your heart chakra. Remember that your relationships, whether romantic, familial, or friendly, are the fuel for happiness. 

In your career, angel number 222 is a signal that your financial situation will soon be repaired or improved. Look out for a jump in the bank account! 

  • 333

3 is the number of creativity, and when tripled, its meaning is enhanced. Seeing 333 as your angel number is a surefire sign that you need to start expressing yourself through art! The world needs your unique vision. 

The angel number 333’s meaning in love relates to soul mates. Your cosmically-aligned partner may just be closer than you think. 

In terms of career, 333 encourages you to trust your gut. If you think it is time for a change, then this is your sign to go for it. Take the leap, take the risk, and be unafraid of success. 

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  • 444

Looking for a sign that you are on the right path? 444 is the angel number for you. As the angel number of stability, 444 tells you that it is time to start putting roots down. You are working towards the right things, living in the right place, and surrounding yourself with the right people, so keep going! 

Angel number 444 represents wholeness. You are unconditionally, unequivocally in love with someone. They may just be your soulmate or twin flame! 

444 in the workplace tells you to keep your motivation high and your ambition strong. Everything you are working for will soon pay off. Take note, however, of the things you are sacrificing - is it worth it?

  • 555

555 is a wonderful angel number for healing. No matter what you are regaining your health from, be it spiritual, physical, or mental, a sense of wholeness and vitality is on the horizon. Stay strong! 

Pure love is symbolized by angel number 555. A soul mate connection is either already in your life or on its way. Let the romance blossom! 

Seeing 555 in your career? It is time to step up and make your grievances known. Any time to sit back in the shadows is over, and your own needs should be your greatest priority. If you are not being listened to or respected, it may be time to move on. 

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  • 666

Due to religious beliefs, 666 is often feared. However, in terms of angel numbers, 666 is actually quite a blessing! Representing compassion and empathy, this triple digit angel number urges you to treat yourself with more love and kindness. 

In love and romance, the angel number 666 means that your twin flame is near. A reunion or a first meeting is imminent - so get ready for a whirlwind romance full of intense healing and lessons. 

If you keep seeing 666, it may be a sign that you need a new job or a fresh start in your career. You are inspired to be honest with how your work makes you feel, and if you are truly living your purpose.

  • 777

Lucky number 7! This angel number’s meaning is all about abundance and prosperity. Luck is on your side, and your angels are doing everything they can to fill your life with happiness and success. 

When it comes to love, 777 is a wonderful angel number to see. Love runs at the highest frequency and is able to heal even the deepest of wounds. 777 asks you to open your heart and let the healing light of love in. 

In terms of career and finances, angel number 777 is a very good sign! Your income is likely about to get a lot more consistent and your bank account is sure to start growing. Have patience, though! 777 ensures prosperity but it may take time. 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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  • 888

Appearing similarly to an infinity sign, 8 is one of the most divine and spiritual of all the numbers. Spiritual enlightenment is a real possibility for you, and you are being shown that you are in full alignment with your highest self. This angel number is also believed to be a message from loved ones who have departed. 

In love and romance, 888 is your angel's way of telling you that a healthy and supportive partnership is coming your way. You have done the self-work and now you are being rewarded with a love that lasts and a love that heals. 

If you are concerned with finances, 888 is your sign that things are looking up. Worry not - financial abundance is on the way! Your money troubles are fortunately coming to an end. 

  • 999

9 is a symbol of wholeness or completeness. Seeing this angel number means that you are closing out a cycle of life, and about to enter a new one. The lessons you learned will pay off, and prepare you for this new chapter. Your angels are always by your side guiding the way! 

999 in love, may mean that it is time to let go. In a rut with your relationship and keep seeing 999? This is your sign that it is time to move on, despite how difficult it may be. Know that your angels will support you and carry you through the break-up. On the other hand, 999 can also symbolize the meeting of your soulmate. So keep your heart open and your eyes peeled for Mr. or Mrs. Right! 

In career and finance, 999 inspires you to start a new job, dive into an entrepreneurial pursuit, or even go back to school. Fresh starts are highly encouraged and supported by your angels. 

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How to Find Your Angel Number

Finding your angel number is all about keeping your heart open, your mind present, and your eyes peeled. The truth is, angel numbers are everywhere, but it takes being mindfully aware to notice them.

Set the intention to become more present in the world around you, and start taking note of the numbers you see. Even in the most mundane of places, pay attention to numbers on receipts, times on the clock, or friend’s phone numbers. With this mindful approach, you will certainly start to see patterns and recurring numbers start to appear. Each digit has a message for you - so pay attention! 

Angel Numbers - The Full Guide to Divine Communication


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Keep in mind, as well, that angel numbers will come and go. Depending on the lessons you need to learn or the stage of life you are in, your guides will send you different messages. If you stop seeing a certain number, fear not! You may just be ready for a new number, so keep your eyes open for the fresh digits.

Oh, and try not to get too hung up on only numbers. Remember, your angels communicate with you in a variety of ways, so be sure to take note of the other symbols and sensations that enter your life. 

Still not seeing angel numbers and feeling frustrated? We recommend meditation and journaling. Let your guides know that you need a message from them! Set the intention and make it clear - they are sure to respond once they know what you want. 

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What’s Your Angel Number?

Believed to be divine messages from guardian angels, guides, or passed on loved ones, angel numbers provide you with direction and purpose. These sweet messages of love help you to stay on the right path, and keep forging the way to your highest self.

Keep your heart open, and let your guides sprinkle life with this little bit of numerical magic. Each time you notice your number, take a moment to pause in the wonder of it, and give gratitude for the otherworldly communication. 

Interested in learning more about angel numbers? Visit our blog to explore a variety of spiritual topics! Or, browse our website full of stunning crystal jewelry.  Start your journey here: Karma and Luck Women's Jewelry

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