September 1, 2023
Discover Labor Day Savings On Spiritual Jewelry - Elevate Your Style and Spirit
By Jenna Vierck

Labor Day

Celebrate all of your accomplishments this Labor Day by giving yourself the gift of spiritual jewelry. Your dreams have taken you far, and now is the time to honor all the hard work you have put into becoming the person you are today.

Infused with powerful properties and thoughtful meanings, each piece of jewelry from our collections is intended to keep you inspired, empowered, and aligned. Take advantage of our Labor Day sales this year, and give yourself or a loved one these designs as a token of appreciation and pride. 

Here at Karma and Luck we are offering you special Labor Day online sales with the code “LABOR25”. You can apply this discount to all items, excluding sale items and singing bowls. Having trouble choosing from all the beautiful options? Let’s take a look at 15 of our favorite Labor Day gift ideas below!

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Happy Labor Day! Our Top 8 Gift Ideas for Women 

Now is the time to save on our most swoon-worthy jewelry designs. Each item is designed with intention and love, and is crafted to help you feel your best. Explore our women’s gifts for Labor Day below.

  • Soul’s Purpose Turquoise Chain Bracelet

Let your authentic nature shine through with the loving assistance of this turquoise chain bracelet. Made in a unique style that wraps around both the wrist and the finger, this bracelet is a wonderful way to creatively express yourself. Made with turquoise, these sea-blue stones encourage the flow of serene vibrations. Turqouise’s calming energy is like floating on waves of infinite bliss, letting nothing disturb your peace. Handmade in Indonesia, the “Soul’s Purpose” is crafted with 925 sterling silver and measures 6.5” to 7.5”. Soul’s Purpose Turquoise Chain Bracelet

Soul’s Purpose Turquoise Chain Bracelet

Step into a portal to higher consciousness and embrace your inner knowing. Handcrafted with Sterling Silver and Turquoise Gemstones, this bracelet serves as a protective companion on your journey. Turquoise... Learn More.

  • Guardian’s Gaze Evil Eye Earrings

These earrings make one of the best gifts for Labor Day. Handcrafted by our artisans, these earrings are designed with stunning turquoise enamel, boosting your innately bright energy. Showcasing the evil eye symbol, these earrings keep an ever-watchful gaze upon you and your surroundings. The evil eye is a trusted guardian, ensuring you are protected from any negativity, harm, or danger that comes your way. Further enhancing the charm of these earrings, are the 1.2 mm diamond chip and the 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated brass details. Guardian’s Gaze Evil Eye Earrings

Guardian's Gaze Evil Eye Earrings

With every blink, a new world unfolds. Behold the enchanting allure of Guardian's Gaze Evil Eye Diamond Earrings with turquoise enamel. Adorned with sparkling diamond, each blink reveals a world... Learn More.

  • Aura Glow Tourmaline Toe Ring Anklet

Make each step count, with this Aura Glow toe ring anklet worn on the foot. A deeply unique item, this piece reminds you to stay true to yourself and embrace all that makes you authentic. Decorated with 3mm multi color tourmaline stones, your inner peace is prioritized. With this stone’s joyful guidance, you are encouraged ever onwards on the path to true healing. This anklet measures 8” to 9.7” and is made from 18k gold plated brass. Aura Glow Tourmaline Toe Ring Anklet

Aura Glow Tourmaline Toe Ring Anklet

A vibrant aura reflects a purified spirit, inviting peace and protection into your life. Our artisans handcrafted this 18k Gold Tourmaline Toe Ring Anklet to help cleanse and clear your... Learn More.

  • Infinite Aspiration Tourmaline Wrap Bracelet

Designed in a triple wrap style, this tourmaline bracelet is a great way to harness our Labor Day sales deals. Showcasing sparkling, multicolor tourmaline stones, the “Infinite Aspiration” bracelet keeps you steadfast on the path to your dreams. By balancing your energy and deflecting negativity, this bracelet works to maintain your sense of inner power. Handmade in Bali, this wrap bracelet also features an infinity symbol, representing the eternal truth within you. Infinite Aspiration Tourmaline Wrap Bracelet

Infinite Aspiration Tourmaline Wrap Bracelet

It is always our own self that we find at the end of the journey. The sooner we face that self, the better. Combine the Infinity symbol with the quintessential... Learn More.

  • Energetic Alignment Chakra Chain Bracelet

Allow your spirit to shine with the balancing energies of this chakra chain bracelet. Wrapping around both the finger and the wrist, the “Energetic Alignment” encourages you to step into the power of the divine feminine. Your inner goddess shines while wearing this piece, as the colorful gemstones keep your chakras aligned and activated. Garnet, amethyst, carnelian, peridot, and yellow jade sparkle against the 18k gold plated brass charm and chain. Energetic Alignment Chakra Chain Bracelet

Energetic Alignment Chakra Chain Bracelet

Discover the synergy of your truest self. Our artisans handcrafted this 18k Gold Bracelet with each symbol of the 7 Chakras to enhance your energetic balance and invite bliss. The... Learn More.

  • Stress Release Tourmaline Belly Chain

Leave your worries at the door with the help of this tourmaline belly chain. Wrapping your waist in an 18k gold plated brass chain, decorated with multicolor tourmaline stones, this piece of jewelry reminds you of the goddess you truly are. Your inner power is ignited, sparking creativity, inspiration, and intuition. Use the opportunity to save on this unique piece with our best Labor Day sales, and feel your energy being uplifted to new dimensions.Stress Release Tourmaline Belly Chain

Stress Release Tourmaline Belly Chain

In the stillness of breath, stress finds its release. Allow this Tourmaline and 18k Gold Belly Chain to wrap you in emotional healing, reminding you to breathe deep, expanding your... Learn More.

  • Infinite Affection Heart Pearl Lariat Necklace 

Give some love to your heart chakra by wearing this pearl lariat necklace. The “Infinite Affection” is handcrafted by our artisans to keep you energetically aligned to the healing power of love. Measuring 18+2” with a 4” tail, this necklace is made with 925 sterling silver, 3 mm white pearl stones, and a 4mm heart charm. Delicate in beauty, this piece is powerful in energetic properties. Compassion, intuition, and openness are all enhanced while wearing this endearing necklace. Infinite Affection Heart Pearl Lariat Necklace

Infinite Affection Heart Pearl Lariat Necklace

Pearls entwined, hearts aligned, love's unending embrace. Indulge in the enchantment of the Infinite Affection Pearl Lariat Necklace. Lustrous Pearls elegantly entwine in a captivating lariat design, symbolizing the unbreakable... Learn More.

  • Aligned Authenticity Turquoise Necklace

Invite the healing light of turquoise to infuse your life with purpose and power. The “Aligned Authenticity” necklace is one of the most beautiful Labor Day gifts. Inspiring you to keep reaching for your dreams, you are encouraged to never stop soaring. Turquoise boosts serenity, communication, and balance, helping you to feel more aligned with your highest self. The 3mm turquoise stones sit on a stunning backdrop of a 925 sterling silver chain, adding to this necklace’s charm. Aligned Authenticity Turquoise Necklace

Aligned Authenticity Turquoise Necklace

Your truth is a sacred gift, a unique expression of your essence. Known as a stone of communication, Turquoise serves as a gentle ally in expressing oneself with clarity, confidence,... Learn More.

Celebrate Labor Day with these 7 Gift Ideas for Men

Take advantage of our Labor Day sales deals by shopping our seven favorite men’s jewelry items below!

  • Wise Guidance Pearl Triple Chain Mantra Bracelet

Ignite the divinity within while wearing the “Wise Guidance” mantra bracelet. Inspired by the divine masculine, this piece strikes the perfect balance of power and grace. Contrasting beautifully against the oxidized 925 sterling silver chain are an array of 7-8mm white pearl stones. Pearls are masters of intuition, while also helping to keep you protected and wise. The mantra barrel enhances concentration and spiritual energy, keeping you aligned to higher realms. Wise Guidance - Pearl Triple Chain Mantra Bracelet

Wise Guidance - Pearl Triple Chain Mantra Bracelet

The greatest power of all is the awakening of the spiritual energy, which ignites the fire of divinity within. Our meaningful "Wise Guidance - Pearl Triple Chain Mantra Bracelet" promotes... Learn More.

  • Fortune’s Favorite Magnetic Red Bracelet

A modern take on red string bracelets, this Labor Day gift idea for men is a powerful way to boost good luck and prosperity. Red string has been a trusted companion for centuries, and is believed to enhance every aspect of your life. Expect abundance to flow. Available in three sizes, this bracelet is handcrafted by our artisans using rhodium plated brass. The magnetic clasp makes for easy and effortless wear. Fortune’s Favorite - Magnetic Red Bracelet

Fortune’s Favorite - Magnetic Red Bracelet

Fortune favors the bold. Our artisans designed this lucky Red String tennis bracelet with Rhodium Plated panels and a sturdy magnetic clasp for an effortless style you can wear anywhere.... Learn More.

  • Wise Prosperity Onyx Owl Coin Necklace

Invite the sage nature of the owl to enhance your decision making skills while wearing the “Wise Prosperity” necklace. A symbol of transformation, the owl reminds you that nothing in life is permanent and teaches you the power of moving with the flow. The 26 mm black gold and gold plated charm sits upon a 925 sterling silver - black gold plated chain, adding to the divinely masculine charm of this piece. Adjustable in size, this 24” to 28” necklace serves as your reminder to trust your intuition. Wise Prosperity - Onyx Owl Coin Necklace

Wise Prosperity - Onyx Owl Coin Necklace

Follow the path of luck and let our "Wise Prosperity - Onyx Owl Coin Necklace" guide you towards abundance and prosperity. It symbolizes inner knowledge and the power of observation.... Learn More.

  • Illuminating Protection Pearl Onyx Mantra Bracelet

Representing the yin and yang of life, the “Illuminating Protection” bracelet features the beautiful juxtaposition of dark onyx beads and white pearls. Pearls are wonderful for boosting wisdom, protection, and balance, while onyx is beloved for its calm and protective vibration. While wearing this 7.5” stretch bracelet, you embrace transformation and changes with open arms, knowing that you are being guided to your highest truth. Shop this bracelet now and take advantage of our Labor Day sales deals. Illuminating Protection - Pearl Onyx Mantra Bracelet

Illuminating Protection - Pearl Onyx Mantra Bracelet

Let the light within you guide your path and the love within you heal your soul. The "Illuminating Protection - Pearl Onyx Mantra Bracelet" symbolizes inner strength while promoting serenity... Learn More.

  • Valiant Voyager Onyx Viking Coin Necklace

Connect with your warrior spirit by wearing the “Valiant Voyager” necklace. Harnessing the grounding properties of the onyx stone and the strengthening energy of the viking symbol, this necklace boosts courage and confidence. Made with antique bronze, the viking coin charm sits on an oxidized 925 sterling silver chain, giving this necklace the look of treasure. Adjustable in length, this piece measures 24” to 28”, and features a lobster clasp closure. The “Valiant Voyager” is one of our all time favorites of the Labor Day gift ideas. Valiant Voyager - Onyx Viking Coin Necklace

Valiant Voyager - Onyx Viking Coin Necklace

Life is like an ocean, and you are at the helm of your ship. The "Valiant Voyager - Viking Coin Necklace" can help you connect with your inner warrior and... Learn More.

  • Cosmic Unity Magnetic Red String Wrap Bracelet

Embrace Labor Day sales by adding the “Cosmic Unity” bracelet to your jewelry collection. Designed in a double wrap style, this bracelet calls on the prosperous energy of red string to fill your life with abundance. Seen as a token of good luck for centuries, now you, too, can harness the power of red string bracelets. This piece measures 15” in length, and showcases a high polished rhodium plated brass charm to ground and protect you. Cosmic Unity - Magnetic Red String Wrap Bracelet

Cosmic Unity - Magnetic Red String Wrap Bracelet

We are not separate beings but interconnected souls, sharing a common journey in this vast universe. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, this vibrant Red String wrap bracelet features a magnetic... Learn More.

  • Path of Prosperity Olive Jade Men’s Cuff

Send your wishes to the Universe with clarity and ease while wearing the “Path of Prosperity” bracelet. Designed in a cuff style, this men’s bracelet harnesses the energetic properties of olive jade stone to keep you in a flow of abundance.

This verdant green stone is renowned for its abilities to boost manifestation and encourage prosperity. One of the best gifts for Labor Day, this handcrafted 925 sterling silver piece ensures that good luck is always on your side. Path of Prosperity - Olive Jade Men’s Cuff

Path of Prosperity - Olive Jade Men’s Cuff

Luck is not something that happens to you by chance. It is something that you create by taking inspired action. Olive Jade is known to promote abundance, prosperity, and good... Learn More.

Build Your Own Karma this Labor Day

Our newest collection, Build Your Own Karma, is the perfect way to take advantage of Labor Day sales. Putting the creativity in your hands, you can choose the chain and charms that you love the most, making a piece that is uniquely you. This collection is available for both men and women - start designing your dream jewelry now! 

Final Thoughts

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a Happy Labor Day! May the fruits of your hard work be forever appreciated, showering you in abundance and prosperity. 

Ready to shop the Labor Day sales from Karma and Luck? Browse women’s new arrivals, men’s new arrivals, and the Build Your Own Karma collection for inspiration! Remember to use the code “LABOR25” for all the savings! 

Labor Day

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