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February 28, 2023

Discover Love Thru Tarot Cards

By Michele Tell

Discover Love thru Tarot Cards

In a traditional tarot card deck of 78 cards, we find romance, love and intimacy sprinkled throughout many of the cards. Here’s a quick glimpse at the top 11 cards that reflect love and admiration in the world of tarot and what to look for (hidden clues) in the cards that can really touch your heart and soul.

Although just about every card in the tarot deck can have a small spark of love or romance nestled in a picture or symbol, here are the top cards that just exemplify pure love. 

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The Lovers Card 

The #6 Major Arcana card in the tarot deck (Majors are those cards that are divinely connected) – as a tarot reader we say a Major Arcana is the Universe intervening in your personal day-to-day experience – giving of an energy that might very well redirect your free will as a human. 

It’s the ultimate card of love – but has so many deeper innuendos throughout the card. First, in the olden days, the lovers card used to be called The Choice – and as all Majors in the tarot, it is assigned to a Zodiac sign – Gemini, reminiscent of twins or the deep soulmate Twin Flame journey. 

The lovers are naked, innocent – representing Adam and Eve.  In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, they stand in front of the Garden of Eden – Eve is in front of the apple tree with a snake wrapping around it and Adam in front of the Tree of Life.  And as with all tarot cards, a swirling cloud represents the divine, higher source blessing this union.

Love thru Tarot Cards

Archangel Michael, or other angels are often depicted in the card representing this as a Divine Union, one that is not only blessed by higher source, but encouraged in both our day-to-day reality (3D) – and in the Ether, where higher source, intuition and deep soul bonds reside. Above the angel is a sun, fanning wide – the Sun, in all tarot decks represents abundance, love, clarity truth and wisdom.  

Other elements within this card is the mountain behind Adam and Eve. There’s much controversy about this prophetic symbol in the lover’s card – some say the mountain represents the heights and hurdles we must climb to reach the status of lovers; other believe it to be a volcano that is dormant, indicating this love affair is solid, based on balance of equal give and take and solidarity. 

In other schools of thought, Eve – who’s hand waves closer to the top of the volcano/mountain is tipping off who is really the lover controlling the outcome of the relationship. 

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Ace of Cups

Divine Love. Diving timing is here. The Ace of Cups is the Hand of the Universe bringing a new romantic experience into your life – when you don’t see it coming. This unexpected romance of a lifetime, a deep soulmate – someone you have shared numerous lifetimes with; the Twin Flame that you signed a contract with prior to being born here on Earth.

How will you know when you meet this dream come true? You will instantly feel déjà vu. In the traditional world of tarot, the hand in the card connects us to our own personal emotional awakening.  When you meet this new love, you might feel an instant jolt or an electric shock.

You will instantly feel lighter, the air you breath will feel cold with a tickling sensation on your throat and the vivid colors around you will seem brighter in hue and crisp. The traditional card has five waterfalls flowing from the cup of emotion – representing the five senses which you will feel the moment this soul mate enters your life. 

Floating leaves on the bottom of the card, some shaped with hearts and others slightly cut or cut in half represent those you love in the past; the ones that taught you a lesson, the ones that you shared your thoughts with; the ones you helped learn how to love and grow.  

Love thru Tarot Cards

Two of Cups

The card that stands for true love.  The ultimate soulmates. Each character in the card is gazing at one another (somewhat different than The Lovers where they are staring forward). In this union, the soulmates are mirroring each other  - implying true love, balance and a solid platform. It is the card of perfect harmony. Yin & Yang.  It is the symbol of stellar partnership.  Equality. 

Chimera hovers above these lovers and is usually represented as a lion with a goat's head – showcasing that two, separate entities (or beings) can combine to become one solid creature. It represents negotiation and synergy, where two energies collide to create a third, more powerful energy that each cannot possess or create, alone.

Two snakes intertwine in this card, an interesting twist on the snake as it represents two opposites that can mutually attract. The two lovers wear matching laurel wreaths of triumph sharing with us that they have similar interests, like values that always bridge these two to make one. It is a card of devout marriage, commitment & longevity. 

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Three of Cups

Three ladies are toasting to wine and tarot calls this card “celebration.”  It is one of life’s happiest moments; a treasured celebration and/or milestone – engagement, wedding, baby shower,  promotion, new home, retirement or even just a moment a time that deserves a cheers and a toast. It’s a card of excitement and fun and sometimes it can represent overindulgence. 

It is a card of ceremonies, and ceremonial dancing.  It can be also valued as a group of friends that enjoy each others’ company and that sometimes, three is NOT a crowd.  The details in the cards are key; we see feet. Feet in cards always depicts sensual secrets, sexuality and exploitation in the bedroom. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

This card sometimes comes across voyeuristic and depending on what other cards drop around it during a formal reading, sometimes this can really showcase erotic behavior. 

It is a card of ultimate communication – where people can express their feelings and opinions in an open forum and not place boundaries around their words or their hearts. 

The fall flowers floating on the bottom of this card give us a timestamp or Fall or Early Winter and the growing squash and pumpkins on the card talk about new experiences that will have a lasting impact on the psyche.  

Love thru Tarot Cards


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Six of Cups

The ultimate card of the “ex” is coming back around for another round – whether you want this or not.  This card speaks about love returning after a long period of time. This speaks about someone returning after a lesson has been learned. Sometimes this “return” or a love is someone from a past life that has finally entered your world in today’s lifetime.  

It is a card of nostalgia and reminiscing about days gone by.  This is a card about reunions, gatherings, and looking back with happiness, trepidation or with a longing and melancholy spirit. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

It is a card of giving gifts and giving the gift of time.  It speaks about nurturing the soul and many that are in the medical field, nurses, caregivers, big brothers and big sisters, mentors are sometimes highlighted by this card. 

This card talks about an old job reaching out to offer you a new job, or an old friend that suddenly reaches out – out of the blue – to reconnect, apologize or just rekindle a friendship after both of you have gone your separate ways. 

It is also a card that reminds us to embrace our past; even the tough parts, as our past has led us to where we are today onto the path of living our best life, ever. 

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Eight of Cups

The ultimate card of self-love, self-care and self-understanding. It is the card of having bravery and courage to leave your current space behind in search or something better. 

This is the card of the road toward spiritual awakening that is based solely upon one’s love and belief in oneself.  The eight of cups, which were once filled, appear empty in most card decks.

In other words, what was once 80% (a “b” grade by most standards, way above a C-which is standard and average) still isn’t enough for someone that feels he/she deserves the entire “10 of Cups” – total love and happiness. So, they meander away on a special journey, solo, to find their ultimate love, excitement and the unknown. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

It is the card of seeking a higher purpose. And even more than that, realizing you deserve a higher purpose.

Sometimes this card denotes boredom, stagnancy, and humdrum attitude. It represents being dissatisfied with your daily routine, your appearance, the friends and those that surround your day to day.  It’s time for a change but change is tough to do and most of us are fearful of anything that is different. 

This special card is truly a card of action – flipping the switch and not dreaming about the journey, taking one.    In some instances, this card reflects travel, a new adventure, and an attitude change.  

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Four of Wands

The four of wands is the card that we call 11-11; the ultimate meeting and union of two souls we call The Twin Flame Journey.  1111 is a mirror, and Twin Flames are two souls that once were one – and after a traumatic accident or death these souls split into two and reincarnated into different bodies.

Sometimes, Twin Flames are reincarnated hundreds of lifetimes before reuniting with each other. This card represents marriage, commitment, contract and building a family from the ground, up.  

In the card is a “Chuppah” – a Jewish ceremonial wedding canopy with open sides signaling to all that everyone is open to join in the celebration.  It represents protection and is set up with four wands, or poles to keep it in place – creating a sturdy “home” and environment for the wedding couple to recite their vows. It is a card of vitality and wonderment and prosperity. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

In traditional tarot decks, the four of wands have sprouts growing out of each of them representing the seeds of children will soon bloom. 

It is a card about strategy and obligations and setting goals with a determination to make each milestone and cross the finish line.  It is a card about faithfulness and sometimes being rigid to see things through.  The Four of Wands is the ultimate card of vows and the ties that bind two people together. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

Page of Cups

The page of cups is all about communication and giving a small note of love. Although tarot is a language of divination that appeared more than 450 years ago, modern tarot readers have adapted some of the symbols and meanings to reflect today’s environment. 

The page, tiny, sometimes can mean a text or a DM to someone that matters to you.  It is an apology; a warm wish or a gesture such as ‘congratulations or a job ‘well done.’

The Page of Cups can represent “creativity” as a whole – the arts, arts and entertainment, invention or innovation.  Most Page of Cups cards have a small person holding a cup with a fish in it. The fish is an “offering” – symbolizing luck and fertility.  Sometimes the fish is recognized as habitual experiences, since a fish doesn’t think much and allows its instincts to guide their swim.

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Cups are all about emotions, so when a Page of Cups hits the table in a reading, we sometimes say it represents emotions not yet fully developed, immaturity in love, and immaturity with communication. 

It’s someone that wears their heart on their sleave and does not think fully before speaking their mind, usually putting their foot in their mouth.  Tumultuous waters are always in a Page of Cups cards representing that you never know what a Page may say next but to be prepared for the unexpected.  

Love thru Tarot Cards

Queen of Cups

The most love anyone can give anyone is the deck is always represented by the Queen of Cups.  She is the ultimate divine feminine.  One of the most incredible symbolisms with this card is that she has her eye on a prize and holds a trophy; the trophy as it turns out, is herself.

The Queen of Cups has learned and mastered self-love. She knows inherently that she is “the prize,” and therefore, the decisions she makes along the tarot journey are those defined by her essence, understanding, empathy and knowledge. 

She is in the “flow” of her identification. She is supportive of those around her, yet firm with her vision.  She is clever, an amazing listener with an ability to bring out the best in those around her. She gives the FULL cup of love to everyone and everything she does. She is passionate.  She is aware.  She is kind.  

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The Queen of Cups on her throne stares at the trophy; she no longer cares much for what those around value if her intuition continues to manifest what she knows to be true.

Her feet are firmly planted on a bed of rounded rocks; the jagged edges have been tumbled away after many lifetimes of rapid waves, lessons, and roaring waters - giving the understanding that it took many lifetimes for this queen to reach this status and mastery. 

Love thru Tarot Cards

King of Cups

The one that holds his/her emotions back although they feel deeply, love deeply, sympathize deeply and know intuitively – the King of Cups is the ultimate poker face and won’t show a single hint of emotion. 

He is mature and has learned to master his emotions and to keep his thoughts to himself. He is in control.  He is a healer, a father, a devout man of religion or spirituality.  He is connected to the animal kingdom and animals can speak to him. He is a wise man, a counselor, a teacher and public speaker.

He is portrayed in his throne carrying two cups – the ultimate two of cups and this allows us to believe this is the King that is most faithful in the tarot deck.  The waters around him are powerful waves, but he does not look nervous.

Love thru Tarot Cards

In fact, his playful attitude has him putting one toe in the water which in the world of tarot talks about an adventure seeker, someone that likes to try new things, go to new places, meet new people, and has an adventurous palate. 

In most cards, his ears are covered because this is a royal king that does not listen to gossip, nor does he listen to where the wind blows; his innate curiosity and belief in himself is his only guide.  His feet are covered with socks or boots because he is private with his sensuality, and it is only given to one person at a time. 

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10 Of Cups

The ultimate happiness of love, pure love.  It is a card of fantasy and sometimes a rose-colored glass experience is ahead where love is concerned.  It is the fantasy life – Wife, Husband, Two Kids, House, White Picket Fence, a dog and cat and perfect landscape around their home. It represents all that is wished upon by the populace -  love, commitment, honor, truth and beauty.  

It is the card of “Happily Ever After” – with a fairytale ending which denotes we had some witches, broken hearts, broken glass slippers, a deep sleep, poisonous apples to get there.  

Love thru Tarot Cards

It is a card that also represents winning and fulfilling an obligation. It is a card of “returning” home and we often see military families being reunited with this card in a reading.

The rainbow represents all senses in your body, and clairvoyant senses being vitalized by this relationship – an awakening of feelings, of how things smell, touch, taste. It is a card of perfection and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The rainbow appears after rain, so it is always a reminder that life happens and there is always a chance to turn things around in a positive manner.  It is a card of reward and renewal. The Ten of Cups is destiny being lived.

Love thru Tarot Cards