Karma and Luck
December 18, 2019

Hamsa Hand Jewelry for Luck and Good Fortune

By Milica Mitrovic

One of this year's biggest jewelry trends was bringing back good vibes in a big way—revisiting ancient amulets that have long stood as iconic symbols of protection. One such symbol we've seen a resurgence of in contemporary jewelry is the Hamsa Hand, a palm-shaped figure depicting an open right hand. You may not know its name, but you have seen this symbol somewhere.

The Hamsa is one of the most easily recognizable symbols of all time with religious and cultural significance in many parts of the world. It is a mysterious amulet, worn as a talisman to protect you from evil.

The Hand of Hamsa dates back thousands of years and was a sign used by those who wanted protection against any negative energies. The symbol over the years has been believed to be an icon of protection. But how is a sign which has been around for so long still so popular? We will delve into the roots and foundations of the Hand of Hamsa to help better understand why Hamsa Jewelry is still so favored today.

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What Does the Hamsa Hand Look Like

The Hamsa Hand is shaped as an open right palm and is generally depicted in two styles. The first looks just like a regular hand with a thumb and pinkie finger, while the second, more popular style depicts a hand with two symmetrical thumbs. An open palm is universally recognized as a symbol of protection and it is represents strength, blessings, and power. There are also more upgraded depictions of the Hamsa which include five circles representing the fingers of the hand, placed around a central circle, being the open palm.

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Hamsa Meaning

The Hamsa hand is an amulet from ancient Middle Eastern and North African tradition, first appearing in ancient Carthage (present-day Tunisia) and Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq).  It is also known as one of the oldest symbols, with a history that began 1800 years ago.

It is recognized as a symbol of protection in every faith. The purpose of a Hamsa is to be a talisman for evil eye protection and attracting health, fertility, fortune, wealth, and abundance to the owner.

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People wear this amulet when they have trust in the Supreme Power, no matter their preferred religious faith.

The first Hamsa amulet was formed like a hand. It had three fingers in the middle, with symmetrical and identical pinky and thumb fingers at the sides of the palm, forming a curved shape. It then moved to Egypt, and its shape changed – it became a two-fingered hand, with each finger representing gods.

Over the years, the Hamsa hand symbol has spread to different regions and matured into an integral part of several religions; mainly Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Hamsa Hand Meaning in Various Religions

Hamsa meaning varies across different religions and countries. It is also referred to as “hamesh”, “chamsa”, “hamsa” and “khamsa”. The symbol even predates the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths.

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, it is found in amulets that stand for the “Hand of God”, and it is used for protection. It is referred to as “khamesh” in Arabic. In the Arabic world, the Hamsa meaning originates from the five fingers of the hand.

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Buddhist Hand Symbol

Buddhism embraced this symbol as well and recognizes it as one of the Buddha’s Mudra. And indeed, it looks a bit like “Abhaya”. Translated from Sanskrit as fearlessness, the abhaya mudra is made with the open palm of the right hand, extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher.

If you look at this Buddha hand gesture, or mudra, you will also feel the energy of protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security. Hamsa in Buddhism, just like in Hinduism, is related to the seven chakras. 

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Hindu Hand Symbol

For Hindus just like for Buddhists, the Hamsa represents the seven chakras, the five senses, and their associated mudras (hand gestures) that re-direct energy flow throughout the body:

Thumb – represents Fire and Manipura, the solar plexus chakra.

Forefinger – represents Air element and Anahata, the heart chakra.

Middle – represents Ethereal elements and Vishuddha, the throat chakra.

Ring Finger – represents Earth and Muladata, the root chakra.

Pinkie – represents Water and Svadhishthana, sacral chakra.

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Hamsa Hand in Judaism: What is the hand of Miriam?

In Jewish culture, it also spelled as hamesh or khamsa and known as the Hand of Miriam. Its five fingers always tell the wearer to honor God utilizing all the five senses. In Judaism, it is worn as jewelry and used as decoration in houses. Hamsa is supposed to be representative of God’s hand stretching downwards to help mankind.

Hamsa Hand Meaning in Islam

In Islam, they call it Hand of Fatima, meaning Muhammad’s daughter. It symbolizes divine protection. In Arabic “hamsa” means five, representing the five pillars of Islam.

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Hamsa Hand Meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, Hamsa was known by the name of the Hand of Mother Mary. And in this religion, it signifies fertility and blessing.

However, it’s important to point out that it’s not a religious or sacred symbol, as many might think. Instead, it’s more of good luck charm. The use of it to ward off evil comes from ancient times. It supposedly originated somewhere in the Middle East, displayed by people of various religions.

Variations of the Hamsa Hand symbol

The Hamsa has different meanings for different groups of people. However, the common belief is that it’s a protective symbol that brings luck, health, happiness, and good fortune, warding off evil and negative feelings.

In many cultures, even today, there is a prevailing superstition that if a person with evil thoughts in their heart gazes at you, their ‘evil eye’ can cause bad things to happen. So, by wearing a Hamsa, you intercept that negativity and it does not cause you harm.

The two main Hamsa depictions are with the hand either up or down:

  • If the hand faces upwards, it is a sign against evil. It is representative of protection and repels the negativity of others and protects you from your negative thoughts, such as envy, hatred, and greed. The fingers may be spread apart to repel evil.
  • If the hand faces downwards, the Hamsa represents abundance and goodness. It becomes a welcoming sign that invites good things into your life. In this position, the fingers are generally close together, as an invitation for good luck.

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Some versions of the Hamsa Hand symbol have an eye in the palm. In fact, most of the Hamsa crafts that you will find will have this eye. This is known as the ‘Evil Eye’ and it symbolizes all the evil forces known and unknown to mankind. It is one of the most famous symbols in the world.

Now, you might wonder what this evil thing is doing in such a holy symbol? Well, the main reason for implementing such a symbol is the common fact that like dissolves like.  According to very old legends and myths, people believed that the evil eye brings a misfortune caused by the envy aimed at the good luck of accomplished people.

Thus, by wearing the Hamsa hand symbol, it is believed that the owner will be protected from all malice, jealousy, false emotions, and even dark magic (some of the most demonic rituals make use of this eye symbol).

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How can you potentially benefit from wearing a Hamsa hand

  • It’s trusted to protect you from negative energies, harm, or danger.
  • It’s believed to invite happiness, luck, good health, and fortune.
  • It helps to remind us to be faithful and nurture our spirit.
  • It might help to deepen our yoga and meditation practice.

Hamsa hand is a powerful symbol, and it brings many good things to you when you wear it. The symbol gives direct access to positive forces and helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness. It can be a great protector or just an empowering reminder to oneself, whatever resonates better with your personality and goals in the given period of your life. However, one thing is for certain – if Hamsa was adopted by so many religions, the symbol is indeed very powerful. So, it makes sense to adopt it as an amulet and keep it close to you.

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Types of Hamsa Jewelry

The Hamsa is popularly worn on pendants, resting in a position where you can see the beautiful symbol when you look downwards. You can find it in various metals, colors, and styles. Some like this one are exquisitely crafted in precious metals for a stunning and high-quality look. If you are looking for a long-term pendant, this is a good choice which is extremely durable and of high quality.

If you are after a more light-hearted, fun piece, consider a colorful and trendy pendant like this gorgeous Hamsa. It contains all the elements and benefits of the Hamsa while remaining a stylish and chic choice.

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Hamsa bracelets and rings are another great way to wear this symbol. Every time you look at your hands, you’ll be reminded of the positive connotations of this symbol.

Finally, before you prchase your very own piece of Hamsa jewelry, consider if any of these meanings or benefits are relevant to you. All in all, wearing a Hamsa is a way of expressing yourself and what matters to you. Seen in this light, the Hamsa transcends fashion trends, becoming more like a piece of jewelry imbued with positivity, and even spirituality, ready to enhance your life.

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