Karma and Luck
September 7, 2019

Labradorite: A Stone of Intuition

By Milica Mitrovic

Labradorite: A Stone of Intuition

Explore the cosmic oasis of Labradorite

It is hard to define what makes the Labradorite stone so irresistible. First of all, its main benefit cannot be put into words, as it’s not just about prosperity, love, tranquility, or grounding. If just one attribute could be chosen to describe this outstanding stone, it would be — otherworldly.

Broaden your Horizon of Possibility

Labradorite is a beautiful stone. Starting from the dreamy fusion of Labradorite blue and moss green, it looks like an ancient artifact, ready to unravel its Labradorite benefits. This stone encourages you to keep your head high and aspire for only the things you truly want. Although it may seem like a contradiction with being grounded, it isn’t the case. Labradorite will keep your spirit in reality, but transform your mindset. Your fear will be depleted, leaving a clean slate for your dreams and desires.

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Increase your Mindfulness

Intrinsic properties of this stone are no less valuable. While the previous property was referring to your dream manifestation and aspirations about the world, this one is all about what is on the inside. The spectacular glow of Labradorite will slowly map out your mind, body, and soul, letting you know how to react to certain feelings and notions about your environment. It will help you feel all the sensations in your mind, bringing you to a state of great awareness. This is one of the most valuable traits we can master, as every event tends to go faster than it should with modern lifestyle and technology. The power of mystical Labradorite will help you live in the moment and cherish every detail.

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Meditation and Calming Aid

The visual presence of Labradorite is purely ethereal. It creates a shimmery light play with its green and blue mix. If other micro inclusions are present, these stones can create rainbows of light. Due to its one-of-a-kind appearance, many spiritual guides use this stone for meditation purposes, as it helps you to transcend to the desired state of consciousness. Accordingly, it will soothe your mind, as the reflections made about the problems and obstacles in your environment will become more optimistic.

Upgrade your Dreams & Desires (even if you thought that was impossible)

Yes, having a dreamy perspective can help you achieve great things. All of us are capable of doing things we thought of as impossible, but the problem is — not many of us are aware of that. So, Labradorite comes into the picture and forces us to look up at the stars, seeing the endless possibilities of your spirit. A little bit of daydreaming is actually a great stimulus to improve ourselves and transform dreams into reality and thoughts into action plans.

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Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet

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Chakra Karmic Connection

The magnificent Labradorite is a stone of the Throat Chakra, representing the center of communication between our body and the world but also between the Chakras themselves. When blocked, typical problems related to our reactions and dream manifestation arise. When that happens, it becomes difficult to make decisions about most things in life. What’s more, we become too judgmental about our own feelings and we cannot differ between feelings that are beneficial for us and which are not.

Labradorite is the perfect remedy for those problems and a strong Throat Chakra healer. The Throat Chakra can be overactive or under active, so Labradorite works to get it into optimal position. Additionally, this multipurpose stone is great for the Crown and Third Eye Chakra too, as it aligns them with the Throat Chakra. This way, it is infusing you with the needed energy to fulfill your goals and reach the point where your mind wants you to be. Your intuition will be significantly improved, allowing you to put your mind, body, and soul into unity with the same goals and purposes.

Labradorite is a great stone to finish or start the day with. For example, you can meditate or simply practice mindfulness with your Labradorite Mala, or in the presence of a Labradorite Tree of Life. Karma and Luck Labradorite jewelry come with other stones in the mix too. Also, they are always enhanced with a karmic charm (Hamsa, Om, Lotus...), letting you feel the fused benefits of both the particular charm and Labradorite.

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