Shamanic Smudging: What’s That All About Anyway?

For centuries, the tribal tradition of shamanic smudging or simply known as “smudging was performed with the intention of creating harmony and peace. It is the process of burning different herbs and is done for different ceremonies, by different tribes for a variety of reasons.

Shamanic smudging is when herbs or incense are burned to cleanse, purifying, protecting the physical body as well as the spiritual body. It is believed it banishes the negative energies from the sacred space within

Smudge sticks are made by tying herbs and botanicals into a bundle and then braiding them. The botanicals such as sweet grass or loose herbs are often sat on charcoal or in a fire pit and burned. The energy and fragrance from the botanicals and herbs are released while they burn.

Four Directions of Smudging

The tradition for many when it comes to shamanic smudging is comprised of four directions ceremony. There are precise kinds of prayers or smoke sent into the four directions. The smoke is programmed differently among the various tribes that practice the art of smudging.

In general, daily life can include the practice of shamanic smudging for practical purposes. It can restore the emotional, mental, and physical balance as it shields the negative energies away. It cleanses the person and gives them the tools to restore your sacred space.

Botanicals and herbs can be burned single or combined with each other. One of the most common ways of burning all four magical elements that include air, earth, fire, and water by way of pine resin, desert sage, or white broadleaf sage.

When Should You Smudge

It is easy to smudge yourself with lit smudge stick using a candle. Hold the stick in the candle’s flame to create smoke and the stick is burning. Then, taking a feather fan, or you can use your hand, fan the smoke from the smudge stick toward your body. Start at your head and slowly move down your body. As you finish up, inhale some of the smoke for the most complete results.

To stay balanced and maintain peace with yourself, daily smudging is very helpful. You should also practice smudging when you have been around anyone that is angry, depressed, or emotionally unbalanced. After you have practiced smudging, take the time to meditate.

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