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Budding Life - Lotus Multi Stone Chakra Wrap


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Emotional Strength - Aquamarine Uniting Cultures Turtle Wrap


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Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack


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Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet


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Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace


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Soothing Thoughts - Aquamarine Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


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Spiritual Treasure - Aquamarine Lotus Charm Bracelet


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"I AM BLESSED" - Aquamarine Turquoise Pyrite Moon Bracelet Stack


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Flowing Frequency - Aquamarine Evil Eye Earrings


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Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


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Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace


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Healing Fruition - Apatite Aquamarine Lotus Charm Bracelet


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"Love ❤️ this company !!! They have great products and they make great gifts !! I have Been buying from them for 5 years and always satisfied!! Love their stones !"

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