How to Protect Your Home Spiritually, Plus 3 Energy Protection Decor Ideas

How to Protect Your Home Spiritually

Our bodies and everything around us, including our living space, is sensitive to energy. We create and send out vibrations, and we can affect and be affected by those frequencies.

As such energy-sensitive beings, we easily absorb the vibrations around us, and so does our living space. The nature of the energies that we allow in our homes dictates how we feel when we are there.

Your home is your sacred space and knowing how to protect your home spiritually is the key to keeping it safe from negative influences.

With a little help, we have the power to change the vibration of our home to make it more blissful and secure. There are a few incredibly potent ways you can do that.

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Let’s see where you can start cleansing your sanctuary today.

How to Protect Your Home Spiritually 

It is in the positive ambiance of your home that you can manifest peace and joy. By using cleansing tools to keep the atmosphere at a high enough vibration, you can prevent negativity from interfering with your happiness, as lower vibrations simply won’t be a match for such a positive space.

Here are some tips for how to do that…

Be Mindful of Energy

Knowing how to protect your home spiritually starts with you. You can change the energy of the space solely with the power of your mind and intention. Being mindful of what you bring into your space is a powerful way to protect your home from anything that lowers your vibration.

Be selective and thoughtful about the people you invite into your home, the things you keep there, and your own thoughts, as all these things impact what accumulates in your space.

Positivity is a magnet for more positivity. Ask yourself, what do you want more of in your home? Then, set the intention to manifest that and feel the energy change.

Protective Wall Blessing

Let Fresh Air & Sunshine In

Closed space accumulates not only toxins, but negativity as well, which can feel suffocating and make us physically and spiritually ill. Doors and windows are where the energy enters and leaves, so by opening the windows to let in natural sunlight and fresh air, we say goodbye to the old and heavy, and welcome new, positive energy into our space.

Use Prayers & Blessings

Prayers, especially written ones, are powerful shields against negativity. If you want to know how to protect your home spiritually, hang a hand-written or pre-designed prayer, such as a wall blessing, next to your main entrance to block negativity from entering your home. This way, you’ll invite spirit guides and ancestors to assist you and protect your home from negative forces.

Use Crystals

Every crystal and stone has different protective qualities. By placing crystals that match the frequency you want to add to your space, you can cleanse the lower frequencies in your home.

Heart Crystal

Use Salt

Salt was used for centuries as prevention from negativity. After you freshen up your home, add a pinch of Epsom or Himalayan salt in all corners of the room. Salt absorbs negativity, which is the most prominent in corners of your home, where it becomes stuck.

Sage Your Space

The practice of smudging with sage purifies, heals, and eliminates toxins from the air. It is used to improve intuition and make you feel more serene in your environment. Its smoke will also repel anything unwanted from your space, be it energy or bacteria, making your home healthier and more sterile, so it can welcome positivity to come in and stay.

Alternatively, you can use any other smudge sticks, incense, or light a candle to banish malice and bring light and love into your sanctuary.

Use Protection Plants

Certain plants have an element of protection to them. Just like we can burn sage plants to cleanse a space, we can also place freshly picked flowers or herbs as well when we are looking for solutions for how to protect your home spiritually.

Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, or Honeysuckle are excellent plants for clearing up negativity. They will help to eliminate negative influences and keep your sacred space safe.

Energy Protection Singing Bowl

Cleanse With Sound

Sound chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, triangles, and similar instruments are perfect for changing the frequency of your home and protecting it from negativity. Every sound has a vibration, and when that vibration is high enough, we can use the power of sound to eliminate any vibration that is lower than it.

Tidy Up

Residual negative energy impacts how we feel in our home, and as it accumulates, it makes it easier for more malefic energy to come in. That’s why keeping things clean and tidy will not only make your home look good, but will also freshen up your space energetically, ‘’washing away’’ harmful energies.

Ditch the Old 

Old, unused items easily accumulate bad energy and block the flow of healing vibrations. If you are wondering how to protect your home spiritually, try removing or replacing old items. Doing so will feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, and you’ll notice the difference in energy immediately.

3 Stunning Energy Protection Décor Ideas

Spiritual, positively charged décor offers energy protection in a home, while drawing attention and admiration at the same time. As it levels up the space aesthetically, it also harnesses healing, light energy that spreads and touches every corner of a home.

Here are 3 energy protection décor ideas to transform your space…

Adorn Your Walls With Wall Blessings

Blessed with positive intentions and powerfully decorated, Wall Blessings guard your sacred space, offering ultimate energetic protection.

An incredible way to invite more serenity into your home, these plaques include powerful healing gemstones and centuries-old protection symbols that ensure your space is shielded from negativity at all times.

Wall Blessing 2

Shaped as a Hamsa Hand, the Protective Harness Wall Blessing combines the power of 12 healing gemstones that purify the energy and will show the way for how to protect your home spiritually. An ancient protection symbol, the Hamsa Hand acts as a block to malicious energy, while multi-stone decoration ensures that your faith is strong and your home is filled with light.

The Protected With Positivity Wall Blessing blends powerful luck and protection symbolism with healing frequencies of crystals and words of prayer. The Horseshoe symbol will bring good luck your way, while the Hamsa Hand will ensure no ill intentions cross your doorstep.

The eye-catching Vivid Protector Wall Blessing Plaque is a true blessing magnet and a beautiful energy protection piece of decor. The blessing plaque invites positive vibrations, while crystals ensure that your private space remains an energetic match to blessings, and blessings only. With this one, your home will be filled with light, peace, and love, and your family members will be granted good health.

Feng Shui Gemstone Trees

Made to elevate the energy in your space, Copper Bonsai Trees multiply the healing vibration of crystals so it can spread throughout your entire home. These trees can help materialize your hopes and wishes, and since they are so high-vibrational, they will keep your home protected from anything that messes with your intentions.

Tree of Life

When looking at how to protect your home spiritually, you can choose your tree based on what you hope to bring more of into your life. Crystals such as Tourmaline and Garnet will serve as a mighty shield from malice and toxicity, while Rose Quartz or Amethyst can help you invite more loving energy and peace into your home.

What all crystals have in common is that they invite harmony and love into a living space, and they answer our intention. Whichever tree catches your eye is meant to be your protection tree!

Crystal Singing Bowls

The sounds that are made from Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls are incredibly healing. They emit high vibrations that protect us and our space and purify our energy. The frequencies they give off help restore balance, eliminate negativity from our consciousness, and ensure a constant flow of positive energy.

These ancient Tibetan bowls are used for cleansing and meditation and are simple yet powerful tools for how to protect your home spiritually with sound. They will bring peace and harmony into your nest, banishing negativity away with the power of sound.

Gemstone Tree

Final Thoughts

Cleaning and protecting our space from negativity is a form of energetic investment in our wellbeing. When we live in a space that radiates with joy and peace, we feel blissful and at ease solely by being in that space.

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