The Rose Quartz Stone

The Rose Quartz Stone is a silicon dioxide crystal, a common variety within the Quartz family. Found around the globe in abundance, massive form without crystal faces, edges, or any terminations. It is found in granite pegmatites cores with a natural appearance from hazy to translucent.

The natural color is a soft rose that can be a very pale to a deeper reddish, depending on the level of iron, manganese, and titanium within it. Frequently, it is found to have microscopic inclusions of a borosilicate or rutile that is like dumortierite, giving it a cat’s eye appearance when polished.  The Rose Quartz Stone is a stable stone that doesn’t fade in direct sunlight or heat as some stones are known to do.

This stone creates a connection within a community and groups, creating a high spiritual attunement to the Earth and the Universe, as well as the Divine.  The Rose Quartz stone is said to inspire a love of beauty for anyone in possession of the stone. This is a love of oneself and those around them, a love for nature, and the things that stimulate one’s imagination for art, music, and words.

The Rose Quartz Stone History

In Ancient times, the Rose Quartz Stone was a prized possession that provided powers of physical beautification. Egyptian tombs have had facial masks made of Rose Quartz, perhaps for clearing their complexion or preventing wrinkles. Oriental and Tibetan cultures honored the stone and even today, it is used in Chinese major carvings.

It is said that as far back as 600 B.C., the Rose Quartz Stone was a love token, thus giving it the name “The Heart Stone’ or “The Love Stone” and even today, it is still relationship talisman, effectively attracting new love and romance. It is said that it attracts intimacy and can help one create a close bond with their family or friends.

The Benefits The Stone Offers

This stone has a hallmark of energetic, unconditional love which opens the heart chakra. It is said to be the stone for all types of love in any situation. It brings love to life with an inner warmth every day while lowering one’s stress level and soothing the soul.

In addition to the stone attracting love, it has great psychic and spiritual powers too. It creates a gentle process for the dying and for the living, it raises their self-esteem and self-worth. The loving energy from this stone teaches us to love ourselves as we love others. The Rose Quartz Stone is known to be an emotional healing, heart-healing gemstone.

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