How Did Birthstones Get Matched Up With Their Month?

Who doesn’t like jewelry? Maybe you have a simple ring that has special meaning to you. Or you deck out in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and a watch every day.  While some of us will wear any color of metal with any stone, some of us have a favorite stone we prefer. Maybe diamonds – a girl’s best friend? Or pearls – an elegant, simple, timeless stone. And many people will wear only their birthstone. Birthstones are matched to each month on the calendar with the belief that there are special properties that connect the month to that stone. Have you ever wondered how the stones were matched to the month they are though? It has been said that it was Moses from the Biblical days that laid out the first set of 12 stones on special garments he made for the High Priest of Hebrews, Aaron. Upon the breastplate, a religious garment, he placed 12 precious stones, each one representing an Israel tribe. Eventually, those twelve stones became linked to the zodiac’s 12 signs and then one stone to each month. There have been many myths and legends associated with birthstones. Many cultures have believed that birthstones have magical healing powers or bring good luck. Not all cultures have agreed on which stones correspond to which months, though, so you can find different lists of birthstones over the course of time.  

Today, there is a basic setting that most jewelers follow, with these being the most common:

January – birthstone is garnet, providing safety as one travel.

February – birthstone is amethyst, the stone of courage.

March – the birthstone is aquamarine, the stone with healing powers.

April – the birthstone is diamond, symbolic of enduring love.

May – the birthstone is emerald, also symbolic of love.

June – the birthstone is pearl, symbolizing purity.

July – the birthstone is ruby, believed to ward off evil.

August – the birthstone peridot, symbolic of strength.

September – the birthstone is sapphire, believed to guard one against evil and poison.

October – the birthstone is opal, representing confidence and faithfulness.

November – the birthstone is topaz, associated with affection and love.

December – the birthstone is turquoise, symbolic of good luck and success.  

So dependent upon when a person is born on the zodiac, they could have different attributes. So, when you look at the symbol of each stone with the month a person is born in, it often makes sense with their personality. And it makes sense, why a person may feel that a specific stone has good fortune for them and can affect their destiny.

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