The Amethyst Stone

The amethyst stone is said to mean “not intoxicated” per Ancient Greek definition and the belief is the person wearing it is protected from drunkenness. Legend tells us that Bachus, the wine god, was insulted, making him angry. He vowed to avenge himself and announced the first person to cross his path would be eaten by his tigers.

Unfortunately, Amethyst, a beautiful mortal maiden would be the person to happen by. On her way to the shrine of Diana for worship, Bachus’ ferocious tigers sprang out at her. She found protection of the goddess, saving her by turning her into a clear crystal. Bacchus would soon regret his cruelty and would make an offering by pouring his grape’s juice over the stones – hence the purple hue of the gem we know today.

The violet color stone is one that is found in jewelry and the ancient Greeks drank from vessels that were decorated with amethyst. This semiprecious stone is one form of quartz and is the month of February’s birthstone.

The purple Amethyst has a stunning beauty and holds many legendary powers. It is said that it soothes and stimulates the emotions and the mind, which seem contradictory in the ancient name it was given of Gem of Fire.” Of all the stones, throughout history, this precious stone has held as much value as a Diamond.

For the Romans, this stone was paired with their water-god Neptune. It is also the stone representing faithful love and St. Valentine, it is the Bishop’s stone, signifying religious dignity. It is said to carry the energy found in fire and passion, it is a stone of creativity and spirituality. And yet, it bears the logic of sobriety and temperance and sobriety.

A Beauty In Any Condition

It doesn’t matter if amethyst is in a natural state of being, polished, or faceted into brilliant jewels, this gem is one of beauty that excels its commonality. It is found all around the world in many locations. It is found as terminated crystals that are transparent and comes in clusters of many different sizes or may be found as long single terminations.

It is found in vitreous multitudes that can be polished into wonderful specimens for decorations, jewelry, and personal talismans. Amethyst has a range of hues going from a deep violet to a pale red-violet that is sometimes opaque and sometimes transparent. It is layered with white Quartz, combined with Cacoxenite, or may be mixed with Citrine. There are rare times that it is “rutilated” with Goethite.  

Other Meanings Of The Amethyst Stone

It is believed that the amethyst stone controls evil thoughts and increases intelligence. It can purify or reduce men that are shrewd in business matters and has provided protection for travelers from surprise attacks or treachery.

Other ancient beliefs are that it has kept soldiers safe from harm and helped them to victory. Hunters are said to be assisted in capturing the beasts and fowl they seek. Many believe that the amethyst stone has powerful psychic ability and protects one from black magic and witchcraft. It wards away contagion and disease for the person wearing it.

The Spiritual Meaning

The amethyst stone connects us to the Divine in the spiritual world. For Hebrews, it is the ninth stone, Ahlamah, in the High Priest’s breastplate, with the tribe of Dan engraved. It is also the New Jerusalem’s twelfth foundation stone. For the Egyptian’s beliefs, it was to be used in burial after being carved into amulets in a heart-shape.

Eastern cultures have listed the description of an amethyst to be sacred and find it in “gem-cities” and on “trees of life.” It is frequently used in worship as temple offerings and for aligning the astrological and planetary influences. It also found in rosaries and prayer beads with the belief that creates an atmosphere of virtuous calm, instilling a sense of mental peace and tranquility. 

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