The Carnelian Stone

The carnelian stone is a mineral found in a brownish-red color primarily Brazil, Germany, India, Peru, and Siberia. This semi-precious gemstone is used in jewelry, taking on different colors dependent on how deep in the earth it is found and how it is grounded. The iron oxide impurities can change the color as well from a pale orange to almost black.

This stone has a glassy, translucent appearance with a range of orange shades. The most common color found is a brilliant orange and red-orange crystals. Carnelian is derived from Latin, meaning “flesh.” This quartz family member favors the color a fire color seen in a sunset. Many refer to it as a bright and brilliant autumn color that is captivating to the eye.

It provides a warm rush and provides a bold energy with lingering joy that empowers and stimulates the person wearing it. The carnelian stone is believed to provide one with courage, endurance, and motivation, all the making for great leadership. All through history, the carnelian stone has inspired and protected.

Its History Carries On

In all of history and even today, the carnelian stone is believed to make the timidest of speakers become bold and eloquent. The Ancient Warriors wore a carnelian stone around their neck. It was believed that it gave them the courage and the physical power needed to conquer their enemies. In Egypt, master architects wore the stone to indicate their rank as a builder.

This gemstone has had many powers over time. It would be boiled by Middle Age alchemists so other Chalcedonies would be energized. It is the first stone of the High Priest’s breastplate and signifies the blood of the martyrs. There are many that believed that it prevented the plague and could prevent other illnesses.

Called the carnelian by ancient Egyptians, meaning “the setting sun.” The orange hues were identified with the passive or receptive female energies. It has been associated with the mother goddess and fertile menstrual blood and for men, it was thought of as an energy stone because of the vibrant colors that glow from it.

The Carnelian Stone And Feng Shui

In following and practicing Feng Shui, amulets and charms of various designs, shapes, sizes made from carnelian are popular. It is a rich earthy color that grounds energy for the home or office. Carnelian is not only used as an energy booster but a stabilizer, too. It calmly surrounds the space with happy, positive energy flow.

This is a joyful stone that is secure in its own essence, transmitting inner security, protection, and warmth to its surroundings. A carnelian stone represents confidence, courage, and creativity. Each of these is combined and distributed in a calm and grounded manner.

The Best Placement

For the best results from the carnelian stone, it must be placed in the best place possible. One example is to place two carnelian hearts in the love and relationship part of the home. Here it will bring a loving, sensual, and warm loving energy. For the office, placing a carnelian stone either in the bagua area of fame and reputation or the money area.

Which Form of Carnelian Is Best?

Dependent on your needs, there are many forms and shapes of carnelian stones to choose. From balls, hearts tumbled stones, or carvings of Buddha, the Dragon & Phoenix, or the Mandarin Ducks. Jewelry is one of the most popular uses of the carnelian stone. Choose a bracelet, necklace, or ring made with a carnelian stone for the person you know can use positive energy and vibes.



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