The Jasper Stone

It is the core of Nature itself that make the Jasper stone a unique form of artistry. The golden sunshine or a nighttime sky. It reflects the sands of a desert or maybe poppy fields or a deep green forest. It could be the undulating ocean or red rock canyons, or maybe the sweeping mountains. Because each stone is an individual piece that comes from the Creator, they are each their own unique piece. They provide a bold and primitive style that is earthy and solid in an earthly form. They offer harmonious energy with a warmth that resonates with the primal self.

The Jasper stone is an elemental Earth stone. It is constant, slow and aligned with the planet’s electromagnetic energies. It allows one to be in the present with one’s physical body while being conscious of Nature and the surroundings. One can celebrate being isolated so they can absorb and reflect while connecting with these energies.

This stone is known as the “Supreme Nurturer” because of the grounding and stability it provides. Along with providing comfort, healing, security, and strength, it balances the aura so that it is peaceful and whole. It provides a reminder that we aren’t here simply to exist for our own self but to give joy to others.

Throughout history, Jasper can be traced to all civilizations and the ancient people within them. The kings, priests and shamans, priests and kings wear known to wear the jasper stone. For both the physical world and the spirit world, this stone sacred. It was a powerful protection.

The Egyptians would carve inscriptions and symbols into amulets made with Jasper and then bury them for safekeeping with the mummified. Many cultures utilized the jasper for engraving cylinder seals and signet rings as well as special talismans that depicted images of astrology and religion images.

The apostle Peter it is said derived his name from the stone, the twelfth stone in the Breastplate of the Jewish High Priest. Jasper was the rock that Christ built his church. The Jasper stone was called ‘the rain bringer” to Native Americans and in the medieval world.

The Stone’s Appearance

The Jasper stone is dense and opaque belonging to the Quartz family within the microcrystalline variety. It is a fibrous and grainy variety and is frequently grouped together. Referred to as Chalcedony, the Jasper stones are microcrystals that are like sugar-like grains more than the fibrous layers like that of Chalcedony or Agate. It is found around the world and occurs in nodules or it may occur as fillings in fissures in almost every color.

The Jasper stone is colored by oxides of iron and is known for the deep earthy tones of brown, green, red, yellow, and sometimes in blues or purples. It displays contrasts in its banding, with the appearance of “pictures” or small circular patterns. The word jasper is Greek-derived iaspis, which means “agate.”

There are many varieties of Jasper with color and forms that characterize it, having similarities to the places where is found or animals that are found in nature. Jasper stones are often named for the different regions they are mined from or for those that discovered them.

The Colors Of The Jasper Stone: Their Meanings and Purposes         

Black Jasper: Also called Basanite, is a rare form of Jasper. This flinty form empowers the supreme mental and physical efforts, shielding against curses, dangers, and threats. When polished, it is excellent for discerning the hidden. The black jasper can place one in an altered state of consciousness while it facilitates prophetic dreams or visions.

Blue Jasper: There are many shades of blue in the Jasper. They are commonly swirled with dark patches, a veining appearance. It is occasionally treated to ring the color out. The stone is associated with the nobility of purpose and spirit, it conveys one to have the courage to speak out against injustice, taking the risk of supporting the unpopular while defending the vulnerable. For those who are responsible for caring for others, it provides anti-stress powers. It is believed that older children and teens will be powered to resist the temptation of unwise behavior.

Brecciated Jasper: This jasper stone contains Hematite and is principally brick red, veined or may be found in a patterned beige, black, and brown, with clear crystal inclusions. This stone is known for providing grounding energies and strength, allowing one to bounce back after conflicts or crisis. It gives one the ability to attain emotional stability. It helps one to rejuvenate and increases their vitality while promoting their creative inspiration and self-confidence.

Brown Jasper: This stone will range in shade of browns, going from a deep chocolate brown to a gold/reddish-brown to an ivory or tan. It holds the characterization with an artful banding and patterns that flow or have veining. The brown jasper is one with the Earth, encouraging a deep ecological. It has appearances of beige-brown, cream, or pale gray and has dark spots, giving it a resemblance of a Dalmatian’s coat. This is a healing and protective stone that fortifies the spirit while encouraging a playful sense.

Green Jasper: The green jasper provides balance for the person that has obsessive tendencies while it restores harmony to their emotional body. It allows a person to gain control over their thoughts and is known as an ultimate sleep stone

Kambaba Jasper: this jasper stone is often called Green Stromatolite Jasper with orbs and swirls of black and deep green, making it an exotic version of Jasper. This stone is believed to contain Earth’s earliest recordings of life with fossilized algae and primeval microorganisms. It is said to bring peace and tranquility to the person with a troubled mind and strengthens the person with a broken heart. In ancient places, it has been known to provide grounding and protection when connecting to those that once lived there. 

The Jasper stone has many more colors with varying beliefs and powers behind it. It is believed that it can help one to the center of their true self and increase the energy in a person. There are colors and forms of this stone that it said to help expecting parents communicate with the baby inside the mother during pregnancy.

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