How to Live with Intention all Year

How to Live with Intention all Year

New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past. It is not even about a passing trend; the truth is that resolutions, are not always reasonable in the long run. They are too goal-focused, instead of trying to transform the mind. Goals are essential to push us through life – they are the reason why motivation exists. However, a genuine mindset and way of life are needed to truly grasp the essence of happiness and fulfillment.


Divide and Pay Attention

This is a mindful approach to the well-known “divide and conquer” technique. Although the concept of mindfulness is omnipresent, not a lot of people truly practice it daily. Only by mindfully immersing in your environment and experiences frequently, will you be able to see the complete benefits of mindfulness.


Since implementing mindful practices in daily life is hard at times, it is important to divide your experiences and objects into chunks. Afterward, it would be easier to realize the importance and cause of every piece, and how it fits in your life.


For example - You wake up. By natural order, you first notice your body and your senses. By moving and stretching your arms and legs you become aware of your movement and position. You start to realize that your body is an essential starting point for everything you ought to do that day.


Afterward, you start planning your meal. When you start eating, try to look at the food as the ultimate fuel for your body. Cherish each bite and embrace the nutrients that essentially make your body do what you want it to do.


Then, reach out to people around you. Whether it’s friends or family, try to realize the notion of how they make you a better person. Not them as objects, but your interactions with them is the precursor for mind and soul well-being.


Appreciating everything and all the goodness your environment brings into your life, will create a brand-new perspective for 2020. Embrace the qualities of Karma and Luck Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Hematite stones, combined with Chakra or Red String charms, and let them pave the way for mindfulness.


Stay Inspired and Explore Yourself

This one is probably the opposite of mindfulness. However, these two concepts are not opposed to each other. After reaching out to your environment, every day you should do a little bit of introspection. By knowing yourself and your needs, you should be able to ask yourself these questions:


  • What pushes me to go through life?
  • What do I do that makes me feel the happiest?
  • What activities do I find the most purpose in?


Also, you shouldn’t omit the negative clause questions either:

  • What are the things around me that do not make me feel happy and satisfied?
  • What activities do not help in finding my true self?
  • What are the useless distractions around me?


Om, Hamsa, Tiger's Eye and Onyx are just a few of Karma and Luck charms and stones ready to help you answer these questions and stick to your new journey.


Spread Love and Tenderness

Last but not least, love is the cohesive element of everything that has already been stated. We must spread love to receive it in return. But, the stress and pace of modern life sometimes hinders us from feeling love and gratitude every day.


Explore the delicate and subtle Rose Quartz, Garnet, Tree of Life or Lotus symbols and stones, infusing love and joy in every aspect of your life. Wearing a bracelet or necklace with a few of these symbols always works to mold your life to the best it can be.


Wishing you a prosperous 2020!

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