The Labradorite Stone

The Labradorite Stone often has what appears to be a flame or a flash of light. This comes from its crystalline form that is a gray in a composition that catches the light. Once the stone has been polished, it turns a dark gray with the colors of blue, gold, and green inside. The stone has other varieties that are rare, seldom found in champagne color or a transparent gold.

Native to Canada and found in parts of Norway, the stone is found in mafic igneous rocks, most common about basalt or gabbro. It is composed of uncommon anorthosite bodies, almost completely of labradorite. Among the common mineral associated with this igneous rock are amphiboles, magnetite, olivine, and pyroxenes.

Beliefs and Benefits of The Labradorite Stone

They mystical benefits of the Labradorite stone are enhanced psychic abilities, heightened intuition, and the protection from negative energy. When it comes to the Third Eye Chakra, it is perfect to work with. It is said that one’s intellect and intuition are balanced by this stone and it is easier to see the true intentions of others when possessing this stone.

The Labradorite Stone represents change and transformation while enhancing one’s inner self-worth and strengthening your will. It will bring to surface old memories and past issues so that you can heal and move on.

This stone aids one to communicate your creator and highest self, giving you the strength to face and navigate challenges and changes. It provides one strength to persevere and can help one cure an addiction or unhealthy habits.

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Where Labradorite Is Believed To Have Originated

The Inuit people share a lore that the Labradorite stone came from the Aurora Borealis’ frozen fire. What was once an ordinary stone, it changes into an extraordinary stone that shimmers a mystical light which separates the waking world from the realms that are unseen.

Thus, it is considered a Stone of Magic in every sense of the word. It is a crystal of diviners, healers, and shamans. It provides those who travel the universe the guidance and knowledge they seek.

Purposes Of The Labradorite Stone

A person that wears a Labradorite stone is said to gain magical powers, becoming clairvoyant, prophetic, or telepathic. This is because their intuitiveness and mental abilities are enhanced fro the powers within the stone.

In the workplace, the Labradorite stone is said to create a congenial workplace because it brings out the best of the employees. It creates a staff that is attentive, courtesy, and temporary staff will become more involved with the company. The stone is said to calm the negative side of a personality so that the actions and traits that are known to rob one’s energy is eliminated.

The Healing Powers Of Labradorite Stone

There are many healing powers of the Labradorite Stone, from physical healing of the digestive system, the lungs to emotional healing.  An overactive mind is calmed when one wears a Labradorite stone while it activates new ideas for the person. It helps one find happiness and joy after an emotional loss.

A spiritual energy is found when wearing this stone. The energy from this stone helps one to penetrate through the voids in their life and helps you to move on toward the better things that await.

The Color Of Energy

The shimmering blues of the Labradorite stone are the same as ice and the winter sky as it slowly lightens while the sun rises higher and higher. Just as life springs forward after a long winter, the energy from this stone does.

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