The Sodalite Stone

The oldest date we can find sodalite is 1811 when it was discovered in Greenland. This mineral is a rich royal blue in color with a white calcite interspersed. The largest sodalite deposit was found in Brazil. By 1891 it became a popular choice as an ornamental gemstone.  There are samples of sodalite in opaque crystals that are commonly translucent to transparent.

What Does The Sodalite Stone Represent?

The meaning of the sodalite stone is said to be inner peace. By keeping sodalite on your person, usually, a loose stone in your pockets, as well as stones throughout your home in every room, peaceful properties will flow.

Because sodalite is said to be a stimulant, building endurance, it is often found in athletic. It is also said to bring harmony to the conscious, subconscious, and inner being. For a writer, sodalite can bring harmony, peace – a lucky stone.

There are healing properties from Sodalite as well. Worn on a necklace, it can help those with thyroid issues or help lose weight. It also provides courage to speak up with confidence and can communicate more effectively. With this new-found courage, a person will stand up for what they believe, be true themselves.

A Stronger You

For the person that has issues with self-confidence and self-worth, sodalite is believed to be an aid for them. It helps strengthen your self-acceptance and self-esteem. It can promote your intuition so that you can trust your own judgment. It is these kinds of strength that can help us get through life each day.  

For anyone that holds on to things from their past, sodalite can help bring them emotional balance and release their old conditioning which is no longer a service for them. The sodalite stone is an awakening stone that stimulates the Pineal Gland. It stimulates the Third Eye while deepening your meditation.  

The person that is over-emotional, the sodalite stone can help them focus their energy on Third-Eye and Throat Chakras, leading them to be more logical in their intuition instead of their emotions. Emotions often stem from an over-developed Heart Chakra and the sodalite aids in enhancing the psychic abilities. The sodalite stone encourages discipline in your personal life as well as your public life. All these things together can help with career advancement.


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