What does the Tree of Life Symbolizes?

Just like the tree, the spiritual symbolism of the tree has many deep-rooted branches. The Tree of Life has a simple metaphysical meaning: We are children of the Universe, we exist and we are responsible for own growth.

You can view the Tree of Life the same as your Celestial Family tree that has ancient stories to share among its many roots. The roots of this tree are connecting you to your past and show your aspirations and connected struggles. Your tree wants you to grasp for the stars, aka the light.

Because those in Ancient times could see the trees up close, all cultures are covered by the Tree of Life. It is the symbol of sprouting seeds that grow and become the trunk and then branch off. There are many minor branches and twigs sprouting off those branches that look for what may be accomplished.

In the beginning, the Tree was a communal symbol. Then it became a symbol of ancestry, history, life, lineage, mythology. It stands for spirit, a hope for our future. It is climbing up towards the heavens.

Divine Understanding and Oneness Represented By The Tree of Life

In Metaphysics, the message of the world naturally and is explained by the mythology, religion, philosophy, science, and spiritual so that it all merges to be understood. We find that everything has an effect on everything, even though we desire to be unique, we are but One spiritually.

While all trees look alike, as they grow and thrive, they change. Each is storm-battered, with many have branches break off, making them more unique. Each individual …. as humans desire to be.

Part of the Ascension process is for, through our metaphysical spirituality, we can become our own self. We can be unique and fit in the niche that needs us. We are each inter-related physically. This is what the Tree of Life is a symbol of.

Just as a huge family tree, the Tree of life has roots that grow into branches that show our divergence and where we are joined. The Tree shows where we have come from and who comes from whom.

Why we are each related in a Cosmos send is found in the Tree of Life. It tells why we have relation to our humans, our animal, our earth families and even the beyond earth. There is interconnection in the Cosmos. The chemicals and DNA that link us is the same where that we seek for compassion & tolerance.

The Tree of life brings us the inter-dimensional concept. The meaning of behind the Tree of Life tells us that we each rooted in the Earth’s plane. We are all grasping for the Spiritual Realm.

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