12 Laws Of Karma You Don't Know About

Most likely you are already aware that karma is the receiving of what you give in life. It is a lifestyle of practicing positive thinking to get a positive reaction in everything you do. Karma is a religious practice that is often misunderstood. It is a practice in many different cultures and it has different meanings, although, they are alike at the same time.

But there are many people that believe karma is not a good thing. They see it as in when you mistreat someone or do something wrong intentionally, karma will “pay you back.”  Karma is an action according to the Sanskrit definition. It is thought of as the spiritual equal of Newton’s Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Basically, this means that when we display a negative energy, thought, or word, we will get negative energy back.

As such, this tells us that karma isn’t intended to be considered punishment. But as in any beliefs, there are laws pertaining to karma as well. Let’s take a look at those laws and their meanings:


·        Cause and Effect Law, meaning you will reap what you sow.

·        One must be happy, loving, and peaceful to find happiness, love, and peace. To find a true friend, one must be a true friend.

·        What you put into the world, you will get back – bad and good.


·        We must participate in life, it won’t just happen.

·        We should be one, inward and outward, with the world.

·        Our surroundings are an indication of what is inside us.

·        We should surround ourselves with what we want and be true to ourselves.


·        To change something, we must first accept it.

·        We must associate only with those who are good and have positive vibes in order to reach a high level of being.


·        Be wherever it is you are in body, mind, and soul.

·        To have spiritual growth, we must realize we can change people, places, or material things that are around us. We can only change ourselves.

·        We are all we have and we are all we can control.

·        When our hearts are changed inside, then our lives will change too.


·        We must look within ourselves to find what is wrong in our life.

·        We are a reflection of what is around us, and what is around us reflects us.

·        We have to be responsible for our own lives.


·        We must realize that everything in the world is connected, no matter or how small or least important.

·        Each step we take will lead us to the next one.

·        To complete a job, the work must be done.

·        Each step we take is just as great and significant as the last one and the next one.

·        Our past, our present, and our future are connected.


·        Focus on one thing at a time.

·        Keep your Spiritual Values in focus and you won’t be able to have thoughts of anger or greed.

Giving and Hospitality

·        Be prepared to demonstrate what you claim to be the truth.

·        Practice what you preach.

Here and Now

·        If you’re always looking back, you will never be in the present.

·        Your old behavior and old thoughts will prevent new ones from being.


·        We must learn our lessons in order to keep history from repeating so that we may find a better path in life.

Patience and Reward

·        Any reward will require us to experience toil.

·        Patience and persistence will give us rewards with lasting value.

·        If we do what we are supposed to do, we’ll find true joy and reap the rewards.

Significance and Inspiration

·        We will get back something only when we put into something.

·        It is the energy and intent we put into something that gives us back true value.

·        A personal contribution is a contribution to the whole.

·        A lesser contribution won’t have any impact on the whole, but it doesn’t diminish it either.


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