Manifest Money & Love On This Full Moon

Self-care everyday from this moon to the next is essential. A Full Moon in Virgo is healing, critical, obsessive, and a bit of a chatterbox. With Virgo’s planetary ruler, Mercury, stationing direct the same day, the energy may be a little unpredictable.

A Full Moon is about letting go and releasing things in your life that no longer serve you. It’s also a time of celebrations and culminations. During this time, the Universe is giving you an opportunity to take a look at people and situations in your life and do a little physical and mental house cleaning.

Getting back in balance is the trick during this Full Moon. A super time to transform your energy and rid yourself of challenges, so you can focus on your strengths.

March Full Moon Rituals

This moon is a direct connection to prosperity and letting go of the ego that allows us to hold onto negative thinking and self-doubt. Also about releasing the past chatter in our heads that “I am not worthy” because you most certainly are.

Releasing that toxic thinking into the light of the full moon will also help rid the constant nagging. 

Then the written Intention comes into play. The power of words are crucial in reversing our subconscious “lack” beliefs. When we allow our ego to convince us that we “don’t have enough money, so why bother with setting goals” we set ourselves up for failure. 

Over the next 48 hours we will rid ourselves of those beliefs and unlock the literal “manifestation” of prosperity and love. Here's how...

It starts With Intentions to Manifestation 

Grab some paper and a pen (yes, old school) and write down your wishes, i.e. More money, better job, new love, etc. There is no limit, but the one we set for ourselves.

Start with the words “I deserve” and continue to create your mantras.

Once you're done, tape that somewhere you will see it everyday. It will replace the “lack” thinking into “I deserve this."

Take A Moment For Conscious Meditation

Do a conscious meditation by acknowledging your worth and releasing egotistical, lack thinking.  

Sit somewhere quiet or put soothing music on. If you have a crystal or jewelry with gemstones, wear them in your right hand and verbally say “Thank you (insert your name), I love and respect you everyday and I am being guided toward my highest intention.”  

Now you will align with the way the Universe feels about you.  

Everything you need to create a better future for yourself is set in the way the Universe already works. We see it everyday in the sky, grass and miracle of the ocean.

When we clean up our homes and our negative thoughts, we open ourselves up to the light of the world and draw in love, money, harmonious relationships and so much more. 

The Power of Moonstones

Continue to manifest your deepest desire with our beautiful line of Karma and Luck Moonstone bracelets and necklace collection. Known for divinity, balance and tenderness, you can carry your intentions and luck with you from one moon to the next.

With love from your Karma and Luck family.



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    Hi Eduardo, we feel the most powerful objects are crystals! Try our men’s necklaces here:

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    I need open doors for blessings love peace and love

  • Nancy Frontino

    I love the way you explain my life or the way my life can be so aligned it’s just where do I begin? I jot down my intentions and take the time to reflex

  • Eduardo FABILA

    How can I get a powerful object to perform aa ritual on new moon and full Moon

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