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November 14, 2022

12 Women’s Inspirational Bracelets: Charms & Red String to Improve Your Life

By Faith Davis

Women’s Inspirational Bracelets

Karma and Luck’s collection of inspirational bracelets for women captures the magical essence of alluring and sacred lands, such as Jaipur, Bangkok, Istanbul, and Bali for a spirit-centered modern lifestyle.

The year is coming to an end, offering a brief pause to reflect on everything we have learned during this period of time. What experiences have made our hearts expand? What thoughts and beliefs have we cast aside and exchanged for others more connected to our outlook on life?

Our collection of women's inspirational bracelets accompanies our inner processes while deflecting any negative vibes that are discouraging us from pursuing our self-discovery journey.

One year ends, but a new one begins with renewed purpose, hopes, and challenges to empower and help us become our best version.


Exuberant Optimism - Red String Chain Hamsa Bracelet

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. Growth is never easy, especially spiritual growth. The "Exuberant Optimism - Red String Chain Hamsa Bracelet" is a... Learn More.

12 Women’s Inspirational Red String Bracelets

The red string is used in ancient cultures, religions, and traditions as a symbol of divine protection.

Our collection of inspirational bracelets for women is handcrafted with red string from the most sacred places on earth to direct the flow of positive energy straight to our hearts.

For Positive Outcomes

We are empowered and independent women with fertile projects aimed at making a positive impact on our lives and the world around us.

If you need a little pick-me-up to give you the focus and endurance to ensure positive outcomes for your latest projects, choose one of our women's inspirational bracelets to keep you company…

“Positive Outcome” Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Positive Outcome Bracelet


Positive Outcome - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Positive energy surrounds you wherever you go. The ubiquitous Evil Eye charm is the excellent soldier pushing you forward. It is present in every aspect of your day, warding away... Learn More.

Positive energies are always surrounding us, available to those who are open enough to receive them.

Our Positive Outcome - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet wards off negative energies and limiting beliefs blocking our connection with the Source of Boundless Possibilities. The Evil Eye charm won’t let any ill intentions dampen yyour enthusiasm or keep you from reaching the finish line of your goals.

“Obstacle Crusher” Lotus Red String Bracelet

inspirational bracelets for women


Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus Charm Bracelet

A person who is a master of patience is a master of everything else. The Lotus is a powerful floral symbol allowing you to rise above your insecurities and let... Learn More.

Most of the obstacles that stand in our way are found within us. Our Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus Charm Bracelet cleanse our minds of limiting beliefs and imposed mandates to free the path of evolution. The lotus flower charm transforms our insecurities into pearls of wisdom, turning us into role models to follow.

“Prevent Harm” Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

We could spend a lifetime striving to heal the ancient wounds inherited from our ancestors and past lives. But there is a way to rise above our conditions and not allow painful experiences to keep us from reaching our full potential.

Our Prevent Harm - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet is designed to keep jealousy, anger, and any harm away from our surroundings and intentions. It transforms negative energies into positive outcomes, leading to a more meaningful life.

For Inner Strength & Peace

The following women’s inspirational bracelets are handcrafted to help us find peace, purpose, and meaning in the midst of our hectic modern lives. The universal symbols of protection found in these bracelets keep anxiety at bay and empower us to go after our dreams, no matter how challenging or ambitious.

“Stand in Strength” Elephant Charm Red String Bracelet

“Stand in Strength” Elephant Charm Red String Bracelet


Serene Soul - Chakra Red String OM Charm Bracelet

Serenity means tranquility, maintaining a sense of inner peace and calm even in difficult situations. It is the state of being free from agitation of mind and spirit. If your... Learn More.

Elephants are lucky symbols of protection that cultivate our inner peace and focus, regardless of external chaos.

Our Stand In Strength - Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet symbolizes endurance, strength, and happiness while overcoming our life’s challenges. Our inner peace is the last thing we should jeopardize in our lives.

“Serene Soul” Chakra OM Red String Bracelet

“Serene Soul” Chakra OM Red String Bracelet


Serene Reflections Jade Buddha Red String Wrap

Adopt the pace of nature: the secret is patience. Whenever you feel like your life is out of control or things just aren't as you would like them to be,... Learn More.

Spiritual-centered people keep their serenity and inner peace intact, regardless of the circumstances.

Our Serene Soul - Chakra Red String OM Charm Bracelet releases us from external conditioning and puts us back in control of our impulses and reactions. That way, we can keep pursuing our dreams confidently, knowing that our inner master is the one calling the shots.

“Serene Reflections” Jade Buddha Red String Wrap Bracelet

“Serene Reflections” Jade Buddha Red String Wrap Bracelet


Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet

Awaken to the beauty of your highest self; now is the moment to embrace who you are. Wear our one-of-a-kind "Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet," and you'll discover... Learn More.

Jade is a healing crystal that attracts abundance and good luck into our lives, while the Buddha and Hamsa Charm protect us from daily stress and worries.

Our Serene Reflections Jade Buddha Red String Wrap aligns us with the sacred tides of the spiritual realm to grant us patience and serenity, even amidst the most challenging circumstances.

inspirational bracelets for women

For Energy Balance 

People who are receptive to the spiritual world often drain their subtle energies as they deal with their day-to-day activities. The following women's inspirational bracelets create an aura of protection in our vibrational field so that vitality and motivation will never be lacking.

“Vigorous Alignment” Chakra Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

We are designed to use our full potential to meet the ambitious challenges we set for ourselves every day. However, constant distractions prevent us from unleashing our spiritual strength.

Our Vigorous Alignment - Chakra Evil Eye Red String Bracelet aligns our thoughts, feelings, and actions while warding off any negative energy from our surroundings to keep our vitality and motivation intact.

“Karmic Power” Chakra Red String Bracelet

women's inspirational bracelets

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Balanced Understanding - Enamel Chakra Bar Red String Bracelet

In living a life that resonates with our higher purpose, we discover the joy of a balanced spirit. Let your energy go with the flow and direction of each chakra... Learn More.

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When one of our seven chakras is blocked, we feel insecure, tired, and unwilling to find our true calling or fulfill our most simple desires. The Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet aligns our chakras and infuses new energy into our activities, fostering creativity, wisdom, and strength in our actions. 

“Balanced Understanding” Chakra Bar Red String Bracelet

“Balanced Understanding” Chakra Bar Red String Bracelet


Endless Bliss - Red String Infinity Charm Bracelet

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, and find your eternity in each moment. Wear our delicate "Endless Bliss - Red String Infinity Charm Bracelet" as... Learn More.

We are all entitled to have a miraculous and abundant life. However, years of invalidation, limiting beliefs, and insecurities trick us into thinking that a mediocre life is all we could ever aspire for.

The Balanced Understanding - Enamel Chakra Bar Red String Bracelet cleanses our souls from these false conditionings, evoking genuine harmony, confidence, and vitality within our hearts.

For Happiness & Growth

Happiness is the natural state of all sentient beings on Earth. Sadness, demotivation, and anguish are manifestations of disconnection from our spiritual core.

These women’s inspirational bracelets foster this natural state of joy and growth while deflecting the harmful energies and ancient concerns hidden within our hearts.

“Endless Bliss” Infinity Red String Bracelet

“Endless Bliss” Infinity Red String Bracelet


Joyful Journey - Gold Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet

You have to get beyond the barrier of self-protection before you can really fly. To pave your own path to perfect destiny, you have to immerse yourself in the power... Learn More.

In the past, social and religious mandates made our ancestors unable to express their joy and fortune openly, making them feel guilty every time they enjoyed a blissful moment.

The Endless Bliss - Red String Infinity Charm Bracelet releases those ancient beliefs and encourages us to feel blissful and fortunate 24/7, attracting even more success and abundance to our lives.

“Joyful Journey” Chakra Red String Bracelet

“Joyful Journey” Chakra Red String Bracelet


Branching Destiny - Red String Tree of Life Charm Bracelet

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change. From a tiny seed to a sapling to fully mature, trees are in a... Learn More.

Happiness is not something that randomly happens to a few lucky people. It’s a decision we must commit to sustaining every day of our lives. The Joyful Journey - Gold-Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet boosts our self-confidence and releases our mental concerns so we can lead the joyful life we are meant to experience.

“Branching Destiny” Tree of Life Red String Bracelet

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol of strength that represents growth, fertility, and conscious grounding. The Branching Destiny - Red String Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet fosters our soul’s evolution and propels us to change, even when we don’t feel confident.

We are all special beings with unique missions to fulfill on Earth. Don’t let your negative self-talk trick you into thinking otherwise.


Final Thoughts 

Like a seed, everything we need for our soul to blossom with strength and joy is within us, eager to spread its branches to serve the evolution of the world we live in.

Our collection of women’s inspirational bracelets doesn’t bring to your life anything that you do not already possess in the form of potential. These bracelets are simply catalysts that ward off negative vibes and allow your spiritual roots to grow without interruption. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Women’s Red String Bracelets