Watermelon Tourmaline - Meaning and Properties

Some striking features and properties of WATERMELON TOURMALINE. 

Watermelon Tourmaline is one of the most striking varieties of quartz belonging to the class of silicate minerals. It’s trigonal crystal structure manifest a bonanza of pink, green and white colors in a single crystal. It is from this flurry of colors that this amazing stone derives its name, Watermelon Tourmaline.

This rare crystal is grouped as Elbaite in the Tourmaline family of stones. Elbaite is renowned for the most radiant display of colors. Mostly found in Brazil and Africa, some other stones in the family include Verdelites, Indicolites, Watermelons, and Rubellites.

Some spiritual reasons for you to use Watermelon Tourmalines

Known for its linkages with the chakra of heart, Watermelon Tourmaline is known for

  • Cleansing heart and removing any unwanted blockages.
  • Removal of any mental and spiritual insecurities while boosting your energies
  • Balancing of Yin and Yang (female and male energies).
  • Enhancing your inherent creativity to help you practically achieve your goals in life without of box thinking and resourcefulness.
  • Opens up the gateways to inner self to activate the higher chakras of heart by unblocking your chakras.
  • Immense relief in stress with a huge boost in great human virtues like sympathy, compassion, and empathy.
  • Removes ultra-sensitivity and any negative emotions that may be affecting your life
  • Synchronizes the spiritual and physical vibrations of your body with the chakra of your heart.

Watermelon Tourmaline - The best way to keep your negative energies at bay

Negativity can ruin your relationships and rob you of vital energies of life. Watermelon Tourmaline will keep all such negative thoughts and emotions under check. The awesome stone is often associated with grid and energy work apart from playing a serious role in meditation. This crystal also establishes your communication link with the spirits of nature and earth.

It can be your wonder stone if you happen to feel disconnected with your day to day life and feel at loss in communicating with the people that matter. This crystal has natural powers to heal your emotional wounds and understand the meanings of what is critical for you. Explore a new meaning of life by discovering the healthier trends within your personality.

Bring this crystal in your life and enjoy awesome psychic dividends by syncing your chakra energies.


 Watermelon Tourmaline Properties  Watermelon Tourmaline Properties  Watermelon Tourmaline Properties

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