Citrine: The Journey To Success, Prosperity & Joy

Attract Success & Prosperity With Citrine

Happy Birthday, November babies. Citrine, your birthstone, brings so much joy, literally, because that is what your stone is all about, Vitamin C for every soul that wears it and benefits everyone. Wanna know some super cool fun facts and its amazing properties?

Citrine is a mineral quartz that is widely used as a gemstone and is one of the most favored and popular. This gorgeous gemstone stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which intensifies personal power and energy. Citrine is bright and joyful and is known to bring positive energy and good luck. 

Break the Birthstone Myth

While we all covet our birthstones, let's break some of those myths, shall we? You don't need to be born that month to benefit from the power of that specific gemstone. November's stone is Citrine, and it is bright, beautiful, empowering, and thrives from the very sun itself.

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Citrine: Happiness, Positive Energy, Joy, Success & Light

Citrine is often called the "Success Stone" because of its ability to bring success and prosperity. This stone represents the center of our personality and ego and promotes self-esteem, willpower, and discipline.

Citrine cleanses, energizes, and warms you. Its bright and sunny color radiates happiness and positivity. Wearing Citrine stones will enhance your mental clarity, will activate and stimulate your thought processes as well.

Citrine is a mighty manifestation stone and the best stone to wear on your body if you want to manifest a desire in your life. It activates your imagination and brings a more optimistic outlook. Your visions will also become more creative.

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Benefits of Sunny Citrine

  • Uplifts your spirit and feel more positive and happy.
  • Attracts wealth and success.
  • Boosts confidence by filling you with light energy.
  • See the light at the end of the tunnel.

Is that all? OH NO! Not by far. This gorgeous stone harnesses the energy of the sun. Merely being in its energetic path and keeping Citrine close to your skin will keep you feeling sunny and bright all day. You can connect to your light source and pull out the natural optimism that we are all born with and forget over time. 

Citrine is directly associated with your solar plexus chakra, the area where personal power and feeling self-confident derives. By bringing the light of this gemstone to your core energy center, you can dissolve the very blocks that stop you from pursuing your most extraordinary power, and it helps circulation. 

The sheer brightness of Citrine will boost your energy, lift your spirits, and allow you to tap into your highest vibration. If your intention includes wealth, happiness, confidence, manifestation, and joy, then, by all means, wear Citrine.

When to Use Citrine Stone

  • We need to release anger and toxic feelings.
  • Want to add some sunshine to your day.
  • Feeling unbalanced and scattered.
  • We need to perform a significant task, either personal or professional.
  • Want a reminder of your self-worth.
  • Attract more money and success.
  • Need a happiness boost.
  • Release negativity and attract positivity.
  • Attract more love.

    Mantras to Use With Citrine

    • I will be successful in my life.
    • I am a smart, loving person that deserves happiness.
    • I will add positivity to the world every day.
    • I will attract beautiful people in my life.
    • I attract money quickly and effortlessly.
    • I attract love easily and effortlessly.
    • I am vibrant with an open heart.
    • I exude creativity and light.

    Citrine is the perfect stone if you are looking to brighten your day and attract positivity. 

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