Our Story | Karma and Luck

Our Story

Karma and Luck was founded in 2012 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Innovation is our striving force in developing our unique jewelry pieces. Our goal is to bring the far and middle east to the west by using iconic charms, symbols and fashions that are used in different ancient cultures. We are evolving continuously, to keep our designs trendy and fashionable.
We believe in spiritual, natural healing stones, that bring warmth, calmness and serenity to their bearers. Among our jewelry pieces we also carry a large variety of home decor pieces, statues, blessings and keychains, all with a touch of spirituality and protection.

Our Vision

Many of the unique pieces made by the skilled artisans at Karma and Luck are specifically created with a global spirit in mind. Following a vision of creating gifts that unite cultures of the world, Karma and Luck uses meaningful imagery known the world over as spiritual symbols including the Evil Eye, Om, Tree of Life, Hamsa, and lucky Buddhas. Uniting the elements of various cultures and uniquely combining them into intriguing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces is the hallmark of a Karma and Luck piece. Personalized gifts can also be found at Karma and Luck among their selection of birthstone jewelry. Whether he was born in May or she has a September birthday, talented artisans have created an array of beautiful pieces that will bring the birthday gal or guy much joy every time they adorn themselves with a little bit of Karma and Luck. As will you.