12 Happiness Crystals to Shine Some Light Into Your Life

Happiness Crystals

The energy around us has an immense impact on mood and well-being. Surrounding ourselves with sources of high vibration, love, and positivity can shift the energy and transmute it so it can benefit and nourish us.

Spiritual symbols and healing crystals are some of the most potent sources of such powers.

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Let’s discover what makes them so powerful…

12 Happiness Crystals to Brighten Your Day

Crystals have a powerful positive effect on the psyche, body, and soul. Their healing properties awaken our best qualities and attract positive energy into our orb, continuously raising our vibration.

Here are the most uplifting crystals for generating positivity and joy…


crystals for happiness citrine

Citrine is a stone of good luck and pure, genuine happiness. Its spiritual properties are linked to building a positive self-image, the joy of discovering personal purpose, and connecting us to our inner child.

Citrine will spark imagination and rouse your creative self, helping you show up as a radiant version of yourself, awakening you to the beauty of life in all of its aspects.

Tiger’s Eye 

happiness stones Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of the crystals for happiness that brings about a boost in courage, stamina, and confidence. It is a simultaneously grounding and energizing stone that increases focus and encourages us to see life as an enjoyable adventure.

It sparks a desire to take the driving wheel so that we can become the master of our happiness and our destiny.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli highlights inner knowing, faith, and trust. Being a stone of wisdom and higher knowledge, it boosts intuition and can help us connect with our higher self and discover our truth.

By promoting self-reflection, Lapis Lazuli shines light onto what isn’t serving us, so that we can release it and connect with new, positive energies.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

As powerful confidence boosters and happiness crystals, Red Jasper stones offer a stabilizing influence that spark creativity and motivate us to dance with life and go after our soul’s desires. It ignites passion and encourages us to take decisive action towards our aspirations.

This stone emits grounding energy and serves as a strong balancing force, yet it is uplifting, energizing, and inspiring at the same time.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz provides a tranquilizing and centering influence, and it is a powerful abundance attractor. It clears up energetic space from harmful thoughts, beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns, unblocking chakras so that we can welcome good things, people, and circumstances into our lives.

This is a stone that works to eliminate obstacles, assisting us in grounding and manifesting positive ideas into reality.


Peridot for Happiness

A symbol of good fortune, light, and hope, the happiness crystal known as Peridot inspires spiritual ascension, promotes growth, and raises awareness. It boosts optimism, cleanses the aura from negative energies, and strengthens faith in oneself and the Divine. It is connected to the Sun, and as such, it shines a light on what matters and on what uplifts and supports us.



Tourmaline wards off negative forces. It removes blockages, calms, and balances energy, and comes in various potent forms:

  • Watermelon Tourmaline – A soothing influence that brings unconditional love and harmonizes feminine and masculine energies
  • Green Tourmaline – Promotes growth, increases fertility, and attracts wealth and opulence
  • Black Tourmaline – Protects us from psychic attacks, envy, and malice, centers and motivates

Black Onyx

Black Onyx Happiness Stones

Black Onyx happiness crystals are linked with protection, grounding, and stability. This shielding crystal frees the aura from negative thoughts and patterns, promoting a healthy mindset and true centeredness. It helps establish true inner balance by harmonizing energy and calming the mind so that you can truly tap into what’s positive, joyous, and abundant.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

To connect with unconditional love and surround yourself with soul-nourishing, gentle vibrations, add Rose Quartz to your jewelry and crystals collection. Its gentle frequency brings tenderness and compassion to the forefront, allowing us to truly connect with each other heart-to-heart. It will be your daily source of love, not just for others, but for yourself and your life.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Stones for Happiness

As one of the most powerful cleansing stones and happiness crystals, Clear Quartz boosts the effects of other healing influences, while helping to purify the environment and the aura from toxicity and low vibrations. 

Being a powerfully refreshing influence, it will help you have a clear slate every day and connect with what brings you joy, peace, and serenity. 



Amethyst is a stone of higher intelligence and wisdom. It opens the upper chakras, elevates awareness, repels negativity, and invites clarity into our lives. As such a powerful spiritual influence, it inspires us to follow our gut instincts and focus on positive thoughts. It can help us act in sync with our higher self and develop a genuine sense of inner contentment.



Rejuvenating, nurturing, and soothing, Moonstone provokes positive inner changes and brings hope when we need it most. As a gentle but mighty crystal, this stone of Divinity brings new beginnings and good fortune. Moonstone will help you find inner equilibrium, attract opulence and love, and celebrate life.

Top Jewelry Containing Crystals for Happiness 

Finely designed jewelry that incorporates healing crystals is more than an aesthetic accessory. It is a spiritual asset, a source of positive energy, light, and continuous protection in our lives.

Here are some of our readers’ favorites…

“The Light Maker” Bracelet for Women

The Light Maker Bracelet merges the harmonizing influence of Moonstone with Citrine, a stone of joy, optimism, and light. Together with Hamsa Hand protection symbolism, it serves as a shield from malice and envy. This alluring piece contains happiness stones that provide a source of inexhaustible faith, allowing any woman to fully embrace the blessings of the present moment.

“Radiant Joy” Bracelet for Men 

Radiant Joy Bracelet

Where courage and hope grow, energy freely flows.  Our Radiant Joy Bracelet brings together ancient protection symbols, the Evil Eye, and Hamsa Hand, to ward off what destabilizes and instills doubt.

Citrine, as one of the most potent happiness crystals, will spark inspiration and motivate positive movement forward, while Matte Onyx stones ground positive energy, eliminating negativity, helping him focus on all that can be celebrated.

Women’s “Vibrationally High” Citrine Pointer Necklace 

Women’s “Vibrationally High” Citrine Pointer Necklace

The Vibrationally High Necklace is an elegant piece for her, designed to bring laughter, lightness, and joy into an energetic space, and banish all that drags her spirit down. Combined with 18k gold plated details, a heartwarming Citrine point is not only a stunning detail but a source of creativity, radiance, and childlike bliss.

A piece like this will be her daily reminder to look forward to future opulence and to enjoy the blessings and the beauty of the moment.

Men’s Lapis Tiger’s Eye Jade Bracelet

Mens Happiness Crystal Bracelet

Maintaining an optimistic outlook can be trying at times, yet it is a key to positive breakthroughs. Our Lapis Tiger’s Eye Jade Bracelet for men empowers and encourages beneficial transformation, lifting the mood.

It blends Tiger’s Eye for strengthening the spirit, Lapis Lazuli happiness crystals for profound healing, and Jade, for manifesting prosperity and bliss. Together, they will guide him forward, serving as everlasting motivation and support.

“Genuine Enlightenment” Lotus Peridot Necklace for Women

Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

The Genuine Enlightenment Necklace is a luxurious, multi-faceted accessory with happiness stones that will enrich both her style and her energetic space. It combines mighty healing elements, including the Lotus Charm to bring enlightenment and inspiration, and three nourishing stones, to bless her with joyous radiance and optimism.

Peridot, Aquamarine, and Apatite crystals will help her connect to a higher purpose and Divine guidance, inspiring her to trust her path and in positive outcomes.

Final Thoughts

True happiness is found in gratitude and oneness with the Divine. Jewelry and decor with healing crystals magnify the spiritual, the ethereal, and the positive in our lives, helping us stay on our destiny’s course and path to fulfillment.

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