The Benefits of a Feng Shui Tree

Why Use a Feng Shui Tree 

Have you ever felt lost in your direction and purpose? Or like you have a big dream that you feel is so far out of reach? 

If you are seeing obstacles in one or more areas of your life - romance, money, work, health, etc - you may be surprised to find that addressing the feng shui in your home or office can help! 

Feng Shui is the art of setting up items in your home or office in a way that feels balanced and harmonious while allowing chi (life force energy) to flow freely.

A Feng Shui Gemstone Tree of Life has the ability to create what is known as a “feng shui cure” to assist in the flow of this energy.

If the energy around a certain topic in your life doesn’t appear to be flowing in a harmonious and balanced way, a feng shui tree designed to help with that area of your life may be just what you need! 

How to Use a Feng Shui Tree

First, you’ll need to learn the basics of feng shui to understand how to properly use your tree. Before we get into those basics, the most important thing to note is that everyone is different and you must always do what feels right for you! 

Your happiness and desire always comes first because they play into all aspects of the flow of energy. If you are blocking your happiness because you’re abiding strictly to something that doesn’t feel right for you, you’re blocking the flow of energy too! 

Determine Your Goal(s)

Are you looking to add more love in your life? More money? More creativity? You may have multiple goals in your life, and that’s fantastic.

Grab your journal and jot down the answers to these questions:

  1. Where does life feel heavy? Don’t hold yourself back, so often we confuse the idea of “thinking positively” with ignoring our reality. We have to look at our reality to learn from it and change it using positive thoughts. It’s safe to look at what appears to be going “wrong” to help you gain clarity on how/what you’d like to change. Don’t be shy, get it all out.
  2. How do I wish those areas of my life (from question 1) were instead? Let yourself have fun with this! Script out how your life will look.
  3. Now I wish I had more __________ in my life.
  4. If I felt more __________, I could __________ more.
  5. Something I’m always looking for in life is ___________.

Once you know what you are looking for in your life, find the tree that is best for you by browsing through the list below. This list is sectioned off by desired goal (i.e. creativity, love, money, career success, family, harmony, etc.)

Prepare Your Space

Setting your beautiful Tree of Life on a messy counter top or in a cluttered bedroom may help you a little bit, but ideally, you’ll want to create a lovely home for this tree.

In the list below, you will see the best places in your home for your tree, but as mentioned - trust yourself. If it would feel good to you to have a tree in your kitchen, put a tree in your kitchen.

Trust what feels good and right to you, but if you can, show this gemstone tree appreciation by giving it a clean, clear space for its home.

Appreciate Your Tree

Whatever we appreciate, appreciates. If you want more of something, appreciate what you have.

If you want your tree to help you, show it appreciation for the help it offers - even if that help at first is solely in the shape of making you feel happy when you look at it. Send genuine appreciation to your gemstone tree of life.

Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners

It is believed that there are nine areas in the home (and in each room) known as bagua, that correspond with different areas of your life. 

Think about the rooms you spend the most amount of time in. For example, when I first started working with feng shui, I was feeling financially stuck. Guess where the wealth and abundance section in my home was? In a cluttered, ignored, and dusty closet. No wonder I felt stuck! 

Cleaning up your space can have a remarkable affect, and knowing where to start is helpful to avoid overwhelm. Based on the diagram below, think first about your home as a whole - where should you start doing work?

Next, think about the room(s) you spend the most amount of time in and imagine the bagua chart over that room or rooms. Now, where in these rooms do you need to assist the flow of energy?

You don’t have to tackle everything at once. Start with what is most pressing and create a space in that area for the feng shui cure of a beautiful gemstone tree of life.

feng shui tree

Find the Right Feng Shui Tree for You

Use Intention-Setting Tools to Activate this Feng Shui Cure

Take a look at the topics below. Find the ones that align most with your goals to learn more about which tree is right for you. Use the bagua map above to help you know exactly where to place your feng shui tree of life.

Increase Creativity

So often, our lack of creativity stems from rigidity and lack of flow. Where does it seem like the energy is stagnant or blocked around creativity? Make that area more appealing and then use the feng shui cure of a tree of life in that spot. 

If you are looking to add more creativity in your life, placing a tree with Tiger's Eye, Orange Calcite, or multi-colored gemstones may help you bring that out.

There is an added bonus with this bagua in that it corresponds with metal. This means the copper in your tree of life will be right at home here.

As you place your tree in the spot in your house that either corresponds with creativity or just feels right to you, state this intention, or one of your own design: “I am open, willing, and ready to welcome creativity into all areas of my life.” 

Improve Romantic Love Life

Start by thinking about your home in general. Is your home already conducive for a romantic partner? If you were to meet your perfect match today, would they feel welcome in your home?

If not, make adjustments to take care of that. Some people find that they are sending signals to the Universe that they do not want love because they inadvertently made their home so unwelcoming to a loving partner.

This can happen by blocking the side of the bed your partner would use, by not leaving any room in the bathroom for someone else’s belongings, or by taking up all of the space and making it uninhabitable for anyone else. This sends the signal: “Hey! I’m good! I got everything I need, no room for anything else.” 

Once you’ve cleaned up these areas, it’s time to choose the feng shui cure that feels right to you. The go-to gemstone for love is Rose Quartz, hands-down.

It emanates a loving energy that works both for romantic and non-romantic love (i.e. self-love). Placing a Rose Quartz Tree of Life strategically in your home may open up the energy to attract exactly what you desire. 

Other healing stones that help open up the heart are Watermelon Tourmaline, Jade, and Green Aventurine.

Choose what feels right to you and as you place your tree down, feel this intention in your heart: “I now welcome the highest, most loving unconditional love into my home, my heart and my life - now and forever.”

Feel the power in this and express gratitude towards your tree.

Attract More Financial Wealth

Similarly to the love bagua, if you haven’t made room for money to come into your life, take care of that first. As I mentioned, when I found out my wealth and abundance bagua was in the area of my home that was the least well-kept and the most like an episode of Hoarders, I obviously had work to do there.

While it’s possible to just put a gemstone bonsai tree in the middle of a mess, why not do the work for making the bagua that represents wealth and abundance feel more wealthy and abundant. 

Where are these areas in your home, bedroom, office and any other room you spend a lot of time in?

Let yourself be inspired to make adjustments there to tidy up the space to make it feel welcoming. Same goes for your wallet. Clear out old receipts and punch cards you never use. Make room for more abundance to enter your life.

Once you’re ready for your gemstone tree of life, consider choosing a tree with Green Aventurine, Green Jade, or Citrine. These stones amplify wealth and attract abundance.

Set this intention, or one of your own design, as you place the tree in its new home: “I am open, willing, and ready to welcome in financial abundance in all areas of my life. Thank you Universe for all of my wealth.”

Promote Physical Well Being

The center of any home or room corresponds with health and well being. What’s at the center of your home? Is it open with room for energy to flow? Or is there something there blocking it.

Don’t despair if there are structural issues within the building that you can’t change, that’s what feng shui cures like gemstone trees of life are for!

For physical well being, using a tree of life that contains a stone for each of your chakras is a great way to ensure that you are healthy in all ways - mind, body, and spirit. 

If there are troubles with insomnia or addiction that are affecting your household, select a purifying Amethyst Tree of Life. Amethyst is a powerful crystal that aids in purifying toxins and is especially helpful for healing addictions and sleep disorders.

Set this intention, or one of your own design, as you place the tree in its new home: “I am open, willing, and ready to vibrate in harmony with perfect, radiant health and well being.” 

Heighten Your Spiritual Growth

You are making great strides on your spiritual journey. If a priority of yours is to take that a step further, especially at work, then pay attention to this bagua in your home and office. What is it currently like? 

If you’ve been wanting to bring your spiritual practice into your place of work, placing an Amethyst, Aquamarine, or Chakra gemstone tree (or any other tree that calls to you) in the bagua of spirituality is a great way to inspire others around you. You’ll assist the energy in the office by utilizing this feng shui cure. 

Set this intention, or any other that you like, as you place this tree in your office: “I am open, willing, and ready to welcome in the flow of the highest, most loving spiritual energy and growth for me and those around me at this time.”

Develop Fame and Notoriety

If you’ve been feeling like you are meant for more spotlight than you’re getting, or you have big dreams of being well-known for something but you don’t know where to begin - this could be a great way to start. Clear this area of your home and your office and adorn it with either a Hematite, TourmalineTiger’s Eye, Citrine, or a multi-stone tree. 

Whenever you are all set up and ready to put your tree out, set the following intention: “I am ready and willing to welcome in fame and success in all areas of my life. It feels good to open up to this and I accept it now and forever.”

Advance in Your Career

For this category, it may seem more important to focus on your office than your home, but don’t overlook the career bagua in your home. Yes, while you will most likely want to place your feng shui tree in the career bagua of your office, you still want to spruce up wherever that area falls in your home.

Is there trash there? A toilet? Sometimes people feel like their “career is down the toilet” - well it may be. Do not despair! Keep it clean and use colors, plants, and gemstone trees of life that feel good to you.

Suggested stones to have in your tree of life for this aspect are Citrine - for abundance, Hematite - for strength, and Aquamarine for luck and courage. Additionally, you can never go wrong with a Green Jade tree!  


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